• relaxing outfit slider

    #OOTD – Relaxing Outfit For Those Under-the-Weather Days

    Do you have an outfit or outfits to just kick it around the house? I’ve learned from Liliya and Julia that in Russia, there’s this thing called house clothes (as seen in THIS POST). I’ve recently been forced to slow down after exhausting myself from travel, overwork, and lack of sleep. And so lately, I’ve turned to these favorite […] Read more…

  • Best way to style leather leggings

    The Best Way to Wear Leather Leggings

    Leather leggings (or vegan leather leggings) were so in fashion a few years ago. It almost seemed that everyone had a pair. At the time, I didn’t buy any. That’s because I get bored with trendy clothing I see everyone else wearing. Although my style isn’t outlandish, I don’t want to look like “the herd.” Read more…


  • Spring 2017 fashion colors

    Fashion’s 10 Hottest Spring Colors for 2017

    Have you checked out the hottest spring 2017 colors in fashion? According to color authority, PANTONE, Greenery is numero uno. Then there’s Pale Dogwood (who?), Hazelnut (what?), and Primrose Yellow. To give you a sense of what exactly these colors look like, I thought I’d share my latest New York Fashion Week (NYFW) photos in which these hues showed up… Read more…

  • Handbag decoration

    How to update your bag with a scarf or key ring

    When I think of bags decorated with silk scarves, the first images that come to mind are of Hermès bags. I absolutely love those famous Hermès Kelly bags with their handles wrapped in silk scarves – so classy! I want to show you some of my favorite ways to update a handbag with a scarf or […] Read more…

Street Style

  • Shiny daywear

    Glittery, Shiny Daywear: The Best Anecdote for Dreary Spring Showers

    Do you remember when sequins and shimmery metallics were reserved for party attire and special occasions? Then came bling (not my thing). Well once again, shiny pieces have re-surfaced: sequins, metallic, and jewel-like adornments. They’re for everyday wear. But this time, they have a sophisticated, elegant vibe. Read more…

  • Over-the-knee boots

    Tips for Styling Over-the-Knee Boots For A Tasteful, Flattering Look

    Have you noticed that there are looks that seem more appropriate for the runway (on model-types) than “real life”? For some, over-the-knee boots fit into that category. If not styled correctly, they’ll create a look that’s vulgar and/or unflattering. But with a few tips in mind, they are the perfect way to don your spring wear when it’s […] Read more…