Women's Style

  • Ugliest boots

    And the Winner of Ugliest Boots?

    As we say our arriverderci’s to winter, I had a thought, “Why not send off the season with a  a vote on 2014’s ugliest boots?” Check out below some prime specimens I spotted in Boston and San Francisco. Perhaps you have seen or even own (woohoo!) a more hideous pair? Feel free to send me photos (janea@cruzio.com) of any potential new […] Read more…

  • how to wear boots

    Boot Watch, Part Two (Tall Boots)

    About this time of year, I go crazy over boots. Whether they are sassy, sophisticated, provocative or simply warm, there is a style for every woman or you could say, every mood. The streets of San Francisco are replete with awesome boot muses. Hope the ones featured below inspire and spark ideas for you as […] Read more…


  • Halston and Yves Saint Laurent

    Strolling Down Memory Lane at the Fashion Institute of Technology

    One thing you absolutely must do while visiting New York City is check out the Fashion Institute of Technology’s museum. While visiting a current exhibition featuring designs by Halston and Yves Saint Laurent, I felt as if I had been transported back to my childhood when I would rifle through my mother’s wardrobe. That is not to say […] Read more…

  • Dressing for Spring in Boston

    Spring (I am told) in Boston

    My fiancé and I spent a long weekend in the Boston area, and although Spring has sprung up on the calendar, I am not too sure when it will hit this area. As I found in the beginning of the year, indoor malls are among the most comfortable place during frigid weather to people watch. I could not help this time around […] Read more…


  • canine style

    Pooch Style

    Do you think a person’s individual style might extend to their (choice of) dogs?  Here are 7 people/dog combos in support of my theory that some people’s style carries over to their pooches… 1) I often find some way in which people’s dogs resemble them, whether it be disposition, personality or look. Neither owners nor pooch pictured above have an ordinary look (note lovely blue […] Read more…

  • San Francisco street style

    Classic, Hipster and Creative Dressing in San Francisco

    How do you define San Francisco street style? This was the question I asked myself on a recent people watching outting one balmy winter afternoon in San Francisco. While focusing on such a metropolitan, multi-cultural mecca, I obviously had no simple answer. As I glance across the cornucopia of images I captured of people who caught my eye that day, however, […] Read more…


  • shapeless wear

    Shapeless Wear

    Have you noticed an ongoing trend toward wearing garments of relaxed fit? It is a point of contrast to body-clinging leggings or skinny pants, but I must say I have a hard time embracing the shapelessness of it all. Okay, I will admit it looks quite comfy. I could totally see myself wearing it to curl up […] Read more…

  • Ripped jeans

    The Ripped Phenomenon

    Now if you happen to own a pair of ripped jeans, I’m not here to disparage you. But have you ever just sat back and thought about this ripped jeans thing? I mean, how far have we come on the “contrived” scale? I get it: edgy is interesting. It’s fun. It has zest. But, when we include […] Read more…

Men's Style

  • Great casual men's look

    Men’s Smart Casual

    What comes to mind when you hear “smart casual“? It is becoming increasingly popular as the dress code for networking events, for example, and at workplaces. There is an awesome article on Primer Magazine about the difference between business casual and smart casual: (For business casual) the key words here are professional, neat, and pulled together…(With smart […] Read more…

  • selecting a great tie

    Stylin’ in a Necktie

    How is your tie collection these days? The necktie-shirt combination is one of few ways men have to express themselves while dressing more formally. Of course, there is also some potential in the necktie-shirt-jacket combination, and a great pair of shoes is nothing to pooh-pooh. If you’ve been missing out on these opportunities, I hope […] Read more…


  • Tights for transitional dressing

    Tights: An Answer to a Chilly Introduction to Spring

    I realize that not all my readers reside in California and are able to enjoy current temperatures in the 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s. So, I want to share a tip for those aching to wear Spring attire in less-than-conducive weather. Full disclosure. Tights are my favorite article of transitional wear. Not only can and do I wear them with sandals – […] Read more…

  • Winter scarves

    Bundling Without Blunders (New England Style), Part Two

    II. At the beginning of this month, my fiancé Mark brought me with him to the Boston area, and I experienced real winter…New England style. And speaking of style, he warned me ahead of time to not expect much of it on the streets. He was so right. As temperatures dip into the teens, sartorial concerns obviously take a […] Read more…