• socks with sandals

    Socks with Heels, Sandals, and More!

    Being someone who tends to go against the grain…a lot, I am delighted whenever I see someone taking a risk with his or her look – and pulling it off in style. I applaud wildly (to myself) when I see a person in wide-legged trousers on streets overrun with skinny-legs, someone who wears Converse to a formal gala or (my latest thrill) a woman artfully combining socks with […] Read more…

  • shorts in style

    Wearing Shorts without Looking Schlumpy

    Summer is in full swing, and we no longer need to pile on the layers. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy when dressing for the heat, to forego style. A solid tee, contrasting shorts, and tan sandals is an easy, practical, and comfortable choice for a hot, muggy day. But we might also say that it portrays a pretty fuzzy image […] Read more…

Style Elements

  • White Jeans for curvy hips

    White Jeans for (even) Curvy Hips

    The other day my fiancé Mark and I went to a French restaurant near our home. The hostess wore white jeans with a billowy blouse and high-heeled sandals. It was a striking contrast to the usual black restaurant staff attire, giving off a cool, elegant vibe. I have to admit, I experienced pangs of envy. The […] Read more…

  • Hats in NYC

    The Summer Hat

    About to dash to a picnic or to the beach or shopping or just to stroll around in the sun? Just a minute – don’t forget your hat! Besides protecting your delicate skin from the aging rays of the sun, a hat can be the ideal way to make your ensemble – whether it’s a swimsuit with cover-up, […] Read more…


  • Santa Cruz

    On the Road in California

    Hello dear readers, I am on the road for the first part of this week – to the beautiful central coast of California, San Francisco, and wine country: Sonoma and Napa.  And so, I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting here on theSTYLetti. I am excited to be “home” again and seeing that sunny California style of […] Read more…

  • Janea Moksness

    Q&A: What to Wear for New Job (Smart Casual, Petite Size 22)

    Hi Janea: Can I submit a request for your blog [theSTYLetti]? How does a size 22 woman, with petite basic body shape (short legs, short waist) dress for a business casual work environment in the summer when her commute involves up to half a mile of walking per day? I just got a new job […] Read more…