• Milan cazh

    Milanese Cazh

    While in Milan recently, I was thrilled by the sense of style possessed by just about everybody there. No matter how casually a person is dressed there, I always seem to discover something perfectly marvelous about his or her ensemble.  I want to share some photos of some of looks I observed which weren’t necessarily the most eye-catching but which exemplify extremely inspiring qualities […] Read more…

  • Summer dress

    The Magic of a Summer Dress

    Summer is not over yet! Sure, we are all being bombarded with ideas for transitional dressing: plaids, autumn green,…Vogue® even recommends a denim bikini (cute!) However, as far as I am aware, this is not fall. Why not enjoy the present sunny moment and stay focused on this season’s clothes – at least until next month? One of my favorite examples […] Read more…

Style Elements

  • archaeological dig

    What to Wear to an Archaeological Dig

    My fascination with history and fashion started in early childhood. Maybe the history part is a genetic thing: my father’s college major was History. As a child, I delighted in fashion from Europe and Russia of the 18th and 19th centuries, the age when the dress itself was a masterpiece. At the age of about […] Read more…

  • Russian vs Italian style

    Russian versus Italian Style

    Ciao! I am Julia. As a Russian woman living in Italy, I have noticed distinct differences between women’s style in Russia versus that in Italy. In the following post, I would like to share those observations with you. Good clothes open all doors – Thomas Fuller This quote is a perfect way to describe what […] Read more…

Beauty Elements

  • slidernew

    Quick Fix for a Facial Bruise

    We are extremely excited to inaugurate the blog’s brand new section, “Beauty Elements.” Just as our blog is about real people with real style, our first post deals with a very real-life scenario. While on vacation in Moscow, Russia, Julia ended up with bruising near the eye. Read below how she handled it – beautifully! First of all, I want to make […] Read more…

  • Dramatic Makeup

    Inaugurating Beauty Elements!

    We at theSTYLetti are happy to inaugurate a new section, Beauty Elements! With Beauty Elements, we will now be covering makeup, hair, and fitness – all of which in addition to dress, are important ways by which we present ourselves to the world. Interestingly, the post with which we kick off Beauty Elements fits in perfectly with our focus on real people […] Read more…


  • street photography

    Want to Display Your Photos?

    Hello, dear readers! Do you love to photograph people on the street or perhaps friends in stunning outfits and accessories? Are you particularly adept at taking selfies of your #OOTD? Or perhaps you have a friend who meets this description.  Read more…

  • thong sandal

    Mirror, Mirror, Which is the Prettiest Flat Sandal of All?

    The most flattering of the flat sandals I have seen this summer are without a doubt, thong sandals. Far be it for me to tell you, dear reader, what you should fancy… …but let me present my case to you.  Here is a listing of the least to most flattering flat sandal styles I’ve spotted, in preferential […] Read more…