• how to wear leather leggings

    Leather leggings and you – a possibility?

    There are garments that are tricky to pull off, and then there are “leather legs.” I’m talking about skinny leather pants, leather leggings, skinny jeans with a shiny coating (to look like leather), and faux leather pants or leggings. Let’s face it. It’s not a look for everybody…or is it? It seems that celebrities and fashion bloggers have been all over […] Read more…

  • Fantasy fur

    Fantasy Fur

    On my most recent trip to New York City, I expected to see ultra luxe fur coats as I did last year. Instead, I saw something very different. The classic fur coat was practically an anomoly, and I saw more of what I call fantasy fur (so fantastical, I wonder if I’ve dreamed them up): a wonderful assortment of crazy colored/patterned faux […] Read more…

Style Elements

  • Liliya Anisimova in LA

    #OOTD – A Winter’s Summer Day in L.A.

    This outfit of the day (#ootd) was for a Girls’ Day Out in L.A. with one of my best friends, beautiful Sabrine. Brini (as I call her) is from Brazil. She moved to L.A. around 4 years ago to pursue an acting career. She is wonderful; we always have fun together, and now we have some crazy stories […] Read more…

  • Black bra with sheer black top

    Peekaboo Bra Effect

    Did you by any chance catch social media buzz about Susan Sarandon’s outfit at the recent SAG Awards? (If not, check it out here.) I did not care for the look: a white suit with no blouse underneath – just a bra. Don’t get me wrong… Bra exposure, shmra exposure – it doesn’t ruffle my feathers in the least. What offended was […] Read more…

Glimpses (Street photography)

  • San Francisco street food vendor

    California-Style Street Food

    Organic, grass-fed hot dogs, all-natural potato chips, and organic ice cream. Any takers? Union Square, San Francisco Read more…

  • Menswear-influenced normcore

    Plain & (or) Simple: Menswear-Inspired Normcore

    I generally have little interest in anything resembling normcore – a style of dress characterized by extreme simplicity. But it is often the case that street style helps me dispense with prejudices; here, paired-down is simply elegant. These woman’s clean lines and silhouettes – seeming to take cues from traditional menswear – beautifully demonstrate how less can be more. Midtown, New York […] Read more…

Beauty Elements

  • Liliya Anisimova's skin care regimen

    5 Beautiful Skin Must-Haves

    In previous posts, you may have noticed Liliya’s beautiful skin. In case you’ve wondered how she maintains it, here are some secrets to her skin care regimen. Enjoy! I thought I would write this post to share with you my skin care and beauty products. I am attaching photos of my tools – all the facial lotions and makeup I have. You can […] Read more…

  • Julia Berezina

    Everything you need to know for perfectly winged eyeliner

    Winged eyeliner is among my favorite things when it comes to makeup. Beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot always wore winged eyeliner. And the trend is still extremely popular today. I don’t believe it will ever go out of fashion, since it is so classic, beautiful, sexy and can basically be all […] Read more…


  • What does your hat say about you?

    What Does Your Hat Say About You?

    If you’re like me, you’ve seen (and maybe even perused) articles promising free psychoanalysis based on everything from your lipstick shape to the way you fold your underwear. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t pick up those mags at the nail or hair salon! It occurred to me – having majored in psychology in college – that I […] Read more…

  • Unconventional fashion

    Just Because You Wanna

    Do you ever get that bug to wear something in your closet even though it goes against convention or fashion expertise? Maybe you just bought a fabulous designer piece at an end-of-season sale and can’t wait a full year to wear it. Or you’ve packed something you were looking forward to wearing on a trip, but then realize […] Read more…