Street style

  • How to wear short shorts

    How to Style Short Shorts

    I’m sure that the first thing many of us think about while pondering short shorts is how our legs look: is my skin too pale/uneven, have I exfoliated enough, or have my gams gotten enough exercise? Once we make it past those mental challenges, however, thoughts usually turn to style: how can I look chic rather than cheap in short shorts, and what is the best look for […] Read more…

  • leopard print street style

    One Foot in the 70s: Leopard Print

    I’m not a strict follower of fashion trends. I prefer instead to concentrate on great fit, flattering cuts, and a mostly classic personal style. But how can those of us who love art not be inspired by the creativity and aesthetic concepts of designers? And how can anyone intrigued by human behavior not be fascinated by the interaction between culture, street style, and fashion? […] Read more…


  • Julia's day-to-evening look

    Julia’s Look Transformation, Day to Evening in 3 Minutes!

    Julia had an appointment earlier this week at her university, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza – near Milan – where she is getting her Masters in International Management. She came up with this stunning outfit to share with us. It is the perfect ensemble for transitioning from day to evening – this time of year. Read more…

  • Liliya's leggings as pants outfit

    #OOTD – Leggings as Pants

    Black is quintessentially New York. Just this week New Yorker magazine published an article about how New Yorkers have always worn black. And so it didn’t surprise me that when Liliya met me on the corner of 32nd and Broadway last Saturday, she would be wearing an (adorable!) all-black ensemble. The outfit also convinced me once and […] Read more…

Glimpses (Street photos)

  • Chic at any age

    Dress Your Age!

    I recently came across an article in the fashion authority Vogue magazine featuring model Maye Musk (68) who proves without a doubt that beauty has no age. I would have to add that style is ageless. I mean, look at 94-year-old style icon, Iris Apfel! In many ways her style is timeless, but it is […] Read more…

  • Athleisure with bling


    It has taken me a long time to accept athleisure as legit. I wrote one of my first blogs on the STYLetti about alternatives to yoga pants, which I saw then as an insidious enemy of true style. But along with athleisure options, I too am (hopefully) evolving. I mean, how can we not be intrigued by the styling of […] Read more…


  • Julia with curly hair

    How to Get Gorgeous Curls at Home – Easy!

    Have you noticed that for us as women, it often happens that if we have straight hair, we want it curly – or the other way around? I want to show you how to achieve a great curly-hair look no matter what kind of hair you have – even if it is thick and already curly […] Read more…

  • Liliya Anisimova's skin care regimen

    5 Beautiful Skin Must-Haves

    In previous posts, you may have noticed Liliya’s beautiful skin. In case you’ve wondered how she maintains it, here are some secrets to her skin care regimen. Enjoy! I thought I would write this post to share with you my skin care and beauty products. I am attaching photos of my tools – all the facial lotions and makeup I have. You can […] Read more…


  • Stilettos to sneakers

    From Stilettos to Sneakers, The Street Style that Made it Happen

    A dear reader recently suggested that I offer tips for women over 45 on how to look good. I believe that part of looking “good” at any age means having a dynamic look. When we interact with our surroundings by taking in an outside influence here or there – rather than setting in concrete a style that worked ages ago – we prove that we […] Read more…

  • Packing tips

    7 Packing Tips for Headache-Free Air Travel

    I realize that some people enjoy packing for a trip. Our writer Liliya is one. She has a sense of what she’ll have fun wearing and a system for maintaining clothing – and especially shoes! – in beautiful condition upon arrival. I, on the other hand, simply get stressed out by it all. However, I’m proud of myself […] Read more…