• All black

    Why You Might Want to Go All Black More Often

    Last week, we posted this awesome all-black #OOTD of Liliya’s to show how an outfit of all black can be the answer for a day…and evening…filled with a multitude of tasks. After looking back at some street style I’ve recently shot in New York, Milan, Venice (Italy), and Seattle, I feel that it’s time I share with you the […] Read more…

  • sneakers style

    7 Tips for Looking Cool (not Drab) in Sneakers

    Having recently moved to Seattle, I often lament about how dressed-down people generally seem to be here. As I think about it, casual (surfer/hippy) dressers in my former home of Santa Cruz, California also left me longing for more stylish environs. Needless to say, I was in heaven last July while spending a long weekend with my then-fiancé Mark in Milan. […] Read more…


  • Plaid Crossing

    Plaid Crossing

      Love the different colored socks on the woman to the left! Mid-Manhattan, New York City     Read more…

  • Sharing a "Like"

    Sharing a “Like”

      It often seems to me that the use of cell phones isolates us from each other, even when we are sitting together. I loved this scene for being just the opposite. Pacific Garden Mall, Santa Cruz, California       Read more…

Style Elements

  • Mark and Janea Mastandrea

    Accessorizing the wedding ensemble & the traveling bride

    I hope you enjoyed my post about the perfect wedding gown for the big day. While the gown is without a doubt the most important part of the bridal ensemble, we all know that attention must be given to certain extras like princess slippers. 😉 I want to share with you my experiences finding those splendid extras and as a traveling bride, helpful tips […] Read more…

  • Liliya's #OOTD - art opening

    #OOTN – Art Opening

    One of the great things about living in New York City is being surrounded by a huge variety of cultural events from live theater to art openings to music of every genre. No wonder the City never sleeps! Our very own Liliya (author, model, and videographer for theSTYLetti) takes full advantage of these perks. Last week she attended an evening gallery opening in Tribeca, […] Read more…

Beauty Elements

  • Julia Berezina

    Everything you need to know for perfectly winged eyeliner

    Winged eyeliner is among my favorite things when it comes to makeup. Beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot always wore winged eyeliner. And the trend is still extremely popular today. I don’t believe it will ever go out of fashion, since it is so classic, beautiful, sexy and can basically be all […] Read more…

  • Made-Up for Drama

    Makeup for Drama

    I am very excited to introduce guest author Lori of Make Up by Lori, a model, mother, and accomplished makeup artist with extensive experience working with lines from MAC to Chanel. Lori graciously offered to share with us the nuts and bolts of a dramatic look, using some of her favorite products. Enjoy! Janea We all have our standard everyday look. For many of […] Read more…


  • Fall in NYC

    My fave fall looks in New York last weekend

    Last weekend, I spent a delightful day in New York City. Although it was chilly, the sun was out, and there was a generally cheerful vibe on the streets; stores like Lord & Taylor and Saks had already begun decking out storefronts for the holidays, while Valentino and Botega Veneta featured beautiful autumn-hued garments. Street style as usual, inspired me with great outfits – […] Read more…

  • Happy holidays!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dear reader, We at theSTYLetti wish you happy holidays, and if you are in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your readership! ❤️ XO – Janea, Liliya, and Julia   Read more…