• yoga pants

    Yoga pants again? Not sexy: 10 alternatives for everyday wear.

    Have you noticed that yoga pants are not just worn at the yoga studio anymore? They are popping up everywhere: the grocery store, bank, movie theaters, cafes, classrooms and restaurants, and the trend seems to just keep expanding. Here are a few very telling quotes from the Wall Street Journal: Demand for yoga gear… is […] Read more…

  • non-fall colors after Labor Day

    Drowning in brown: dare we dress in non-autumn colors after Labor Day?

    I detest brown. It is a practical color for shoes, I grant you. But when it comes to dresses? Drab! Suits? Boring. Shirts? Excuse me, but it was never “the new black”. I mean, brown is the color of dirt, not of elegance and sophistication. So, Labor Day has just passed, and what is everyone […] Read more…


  • Rolled up jeans

    Trend alert: rolled up jeans.

    Normally, I steer clear of extremely popular or trendy looks. It doesn’t go with my commitment to follow a more European approach to style by purchasing only occasionally an item or two of fine quality and taking care of those I already own. In the long run this saves me tons of time which I can engage in other […] Read more…

  • DSC00968 - Version 2

    The Advent of Boot Season (Wait! They’re already here.)

    A friend recently told me she is eagerly awaiting the rainy season, because she looks forward to wearing boots again. I, having grown up in western Washington where it rains 9 months of the year, had a pret-ty hard time figuring that one out. I mean, I live in California because I like sunshine, I […] Read more…

women's style

  • Santa Cruz style

    Santa Cruz Style, Part Two

    As I touched upon in my last post, Santa Cruz Style – Part One, Santa Cruz, California is an enclave. It is a haven for artists, nature enthusiasts, political activists, world travelers, hippies, feminists, surfers, tattooed ladies/men, people who commute to Silicon Valley for work and a myriad of other interesting subjects…as well as some ordinary folk. Naturally, the styles of many Santa […] Read more…

  • FashionART Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz Style, Part One

    How much is our style influenced by the place where we live? I can and do wax lyrical about the way people dress in cities like Paris, Milan (just about anywhere in Italy), London and New York. I expect to see more sophisticated street style in LA or grunge in Seattle. So, when a friend invited […] Read more…

men's style

  • DSC00154 - Version 2

    If the suit fits, wear it! (The ideal fit of a suit.)

    Do you know how a suit is supposed to fit? If not, this post is written for you. Up ahead I offer pointers to help with that. But first of all, let me say I can understand why the proper fit of a suit might elude you. We have become more and more informal in the office. Tons of men […] Read more…

  • image

    Commuter Cycling and the Meaning of Style

    What is style? I venture to say it isn’t exclusively about clothes and shoes (or even handbags). When I go for a walking break in the morning, I am often passed by Zach on his bike, heading back from court to the office in his suit and helmet. It reminds me of common sightings in […] Read more…


  • professional maternity wear

    Tips for professional dress with a bun in the oven (and saving dough!)

    When you are pregnant, there are so many things to plan. As a result, you might not want to bother so much with your wardrobe. At the same time, you want to look professional at work. My colleague Heather (pictured below) mentioned it is simply too costly for her to go out and buy maternity […] Read more…

  • tailoring tips

    Altered state of dress: tailoring tips

    What if I told you there is a way you can drastically alter your look without buying new clothes? And what if I added that it can be an even better investment than purchasing something new? Yes, tailoring can breathe new life into an old beloved item of clothing for a more flattering fit. It can also […] Read more…