• Advanced style in SF

    Advanced Style in San Francisco

    Although I like to differentiate between style and fashion, I relish them both. I love seeing fashion in the way of a designer’s latest collection on a catwalk. I enjoy the artistic vision and intentions portrayed in dramatic, provocative ways. And then there is that whole other level which equally fascinates me: the interaction between fashion […] Read more…

  • Old/new design

    Early Couturiers/Modern Style

    One of last week’s posts featured a selection from the exhibition “High Style: the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection“ at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco. It is an exhibition which offers glimpses into the shaping of our current fashion scene. As such, I thought it would be fun to do some pairings of exhibition pieces with […] Read more…


  • Elegant slouch

    The Elegant Slouch

    All our lives we are taught to sit up straight, stand tall, tuck in our tummies, and throw back our shoulders. Some of us have even tried balancing a book on our heads as a test of posture and grace. We are told that if we carry ourselves correctly, we will look taller and thinner and be blessed […] Read more…

  • San Francisco casual style

    San Franciscans, Masters of Cazh

    A friend of mine recently came to San Francisco from New York City and remarked, “There really isn’t a lot of fashion or style in this city, is there?” I had to admit that on a Sunday afternoon, I didn’t see a lot of stylin’ folk around me, even in a high end neighborhood like Union […] Read more…

Women's Style

  • Shorter hems for Spring

    Hems Up for Spring!

    I am California-dreaming these days. After moving this week from the San Francisco Bay Area to Seattle, Washington, I can’t help but have sunshine on my mind.  Yes, I am fondly reminiscing about some windy, yet warm days recently spent in San Francisco’s Union Square and Hayes Valley. What a delight it was to don a shorter, lighter weight skirt (without hosiery!) I am not easily discouraged, […] Read more…

  • booties in Spring

    Booties to Put a Little Spring in Your Step

    I once had a five-year-old neighbor whose parents allowed her sole decision-making power over her dress. Consequently, she donned rain boots in Summer (in California) and sparkly sandals in Winter. Her freedom was fabulous to behold! Always longing for a similar sort of liberation, I adore booties in Spring/Summer. They are a little counter intuitive. They do not help a girl […] Read more…

Men's Style

  • Brown shoes with black pants

    Brown Shoes with Black Pants. Really?

    Brown shoes with black pants – for heaven’s sake, WHY? I know some of you will be saying to yourselves, “Why not?” After all, a lot more flies in fashion than ever before. It’s now okay to wear black with brown, combine neutrals, wear white after Labor Day, and for women, let the world see your bra straps. […] Read more…

  • High waters, high style

    No Break Pants: High Waters or High Style?

    Wearing pants with no break, or as it is sometimes called a short or quarter break, might be considered a daring move. Until the somewhat recent past, it has been linked to dweebdom or elderly gentlemen with waistbands reaching their rib cages. I have to say that when I see pants with no break, I […] Read more…


  • shapeless wear

    Shapeless Wear

    Have you noticed an ongoing trend toward wearing garments of relaxed fit? It is a point of contrast to body-clinging leggings or skinny pants, but I must say I have a hard time embracing the shapelessness of it all. Okay, I will admit it looks quite comfy. I could totally see myself wearing it to curl up […] Read more…

  • Ripped jeans

    The Ripped Phenomenon

    Now if you happen to own a pair of ripped jeans, I’m not here to disparage you. But have you ever just sat back and thought about this ripped jeans thing? I mean, how far have we come on the “contrived” scale? I get it: edgy is interesting. It’s fun. It has zest. But, when we include […] Read more…


  • Liliya's packing tips

    Fashion, Packing and Traveling by Liliya Anisimova

    I have a confession to make: I hate unpacking suitcases! A suitcase can stand in the middle of my room for weeks after my arrival. It gets moved around from place to place until I really need something from it, so that I have to open it and start sorting everything out.   I mean, […] Read more…

  • What to wear in San Francisco

    How to Pack for San Francisco

    Might you be planning to visit San Francisco in the near future? Wondering what to pack for walking around Union Square? The museums? Fisherman’s Wharf? Well, you came across this post in the nick of time. If you want to fit in with San Francisco locals, just think C-A-S-U-A-L. While many San Franciscans have a style […] Read more…


  • texting oblivion

    Beautiful Day…for Texting

    Union Square, San Francisco We all do it. It is a gorgeous day out; we are surrounded by Spring flowers and a parade of interesting looking people. Lunch is a fresh gourmet sandwich from the little bakery down the street. And yet, where is our attention?     Read more…

  • Entourage of girlfriends


    Union Square, San Francisco   Read more…