• Dressing for fall

    Dressing for Fall (in California)

    I cannot stand dressing for the season. It is so boring and unimaginative, so connect-the-dots/paint by numbers. I mean, white for summer, autumn foliage colors in November, jewel tones in winter and trying to resemble a flower petal in spring? Oh, please! While living in the San Francisco Bay area, I fortunately don’t have to dress for the seasons; […] Read more…

  • yoga pants

    Yoga pants again? Not sexy: 10 alternatives for everyday wear.

    Have you noticed that yoga pants are not just worn at the yoga studio anymore? They are popping up everywhere: the grocery store, bank, movie theaters, cafes, classrooms and restaurants, and the trend seems to just keep expanding. Here are a few very telling quotes from the Wall Street Journal: Demand for yoga gear… is […] Read more…


  • Stylish hats

    Wearing a hat in style

    Want to know how you can kick up your style quotient a notch or two? Wear a hat! Now I’m not talking a baseball cap, especially one stuck on your head in reverse. I’m talking something like a fedora, beret, loose beanie (in some instances) or sun hat, for example. Okay, I get it. Wearing a […] Read more…

  • Santa Cruz costume

    Santa Cruz Style (Halloween) Costume

    Santa Cruz has a reputation for being weird, similarly to towns like Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. Because of a common penchant for expressing creativity through dress/costume, it is the perfect place for a Halloween evening stroll. A couple of my earlier posts featured everyday Santa Cruz style. This one shares that Santa Cruz character/weirdness […] Read more…

women's style

  • Scarf season

    ‘Tis the Season of the Scarf

    Is this really autumn? I’m not sure. This weekend I enjoyed Bill Cunningham’s slide show tribute to autumn in New York (check it out!), and have heard of the recent peak autumn foliage in New England. Must be awesome! But here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have…well, sunny weather and temperatures in the 60’s. Sure, it’s a […] Read more…

  • Necklace for style

    Necklaces for spice

    Have you noticed how a necklace can bring an outfit up several notches, from cool to hot? Have you wondered how to get that effect? I have to confess that I frequently wear staple necklaces (gold chain with a gemstone pendant or single strand of pearls) to avoid a plain neckline. This is all good […] Read more…

men's style

  • selecting a great tie

    Selecting a great necktie

    How is your tie collection these days? The necktie-shirt combination is one of few ways men have to express themselves while dressing more formally. Of course, there is also some potential in the necktie-shirt-jacket combination, and a great pair of shoes is nothing to pooh-pooh. If you’ve been missing out on these opportunities, I hope […] Read more…

  • DSC01071

    Skinny and slim fit pants on men: H-O-T

    Women have been wearing skinny jeans for quite a while now. I remember looking at impossibly gorgeous women wearing skinny pants in Milan three years ago and thinking to myself that I would never go there. My “athletic” thighs just wouldn’t look right, I thought, and the cheaply made pairs I first tried on in […] Read more…