• Denim and chambray

    Classic Casual: Denim and Chambray

    Is there any cooler way to go casual than with denim and chambray? My friends Donilee and Liliya definitely rock it. During the morning of the selfie below, Donilee mentioned her search for just the right denim jacket: long enough (for her model’s height) and with minimal embellishments. Century 21 in New York was the place she found this lovely prize. Liliya […] Read more…

  • Floral prints for Spring

    Flower Power: Floral Prints in Spring

    I have noticed that even in Spring, New Yorkers are yet fond of dressing in black. There are, of course, plenty who deviate from that custom, as I mentioned in a post entitled “Orange Blossoms in NYC” and another, “New Yorkers Go White.” I am thrilled by those who indulge the eye with May flowers…on their attire.  I […] Read more…


  • plaid or tartan?

    You Say, “Plaid” and I Say, “Tartan”

    Is it plaid or tartan? A while back I was roaming the hallways of Superior Court where I worked, and an attorney approached me to say, “Nice tartan!” referring to my wool blazer with criss-crossing stripes. After looking at her quizzically for a moment, wondering why she had said “tartan” and not “plaid“, I could only sheepishly mumble “Thank […] Read more…

  • Shoe journey

    Shoe Journey

    I have discovered this awesome shoe store, called El Capriccio, in Bellagio on Lake Como (no, not Vegas!) which of course, sells shoes made in Italy. Their merchandise is lovely, comfortable and much more economically accessible than say, Gucci or Prada.  As soon as my fiancé Mark and I first stepped in, I found some gorgeous black court pumps. Since […] Read more…

Women's Style

  • White Button Down Blouse

    I Want a White Button Down Blouse!

    Moving to Seattle from California has been a huge shock. Women here are sooo much lower maintenance than in California. I struggle to find a nail technician here who can do to my nails what my Los Gatos lady did, and thank God my California hair stylist found me a local stylist before the move; although naturally, there is beautiful hair […] Read more…

  • Shorter hems for Spring

    Hems Up for Spring!

    I am California-dreaming these days. After moving this week from the San Francisco Bay Area to Seattle, Washington, I can’t help but have sunshine on my mind.  Yes, I am fondly reminiscing about some windy, yet warm days recently spent in San Francisco’s Union Square and Hayes Valley. What a delight it was to don a shorter, lighter weight skirt (without hosiery!) I am not easily discouraged, […] Read more…

Men's Style

  • men's cazh in New York City

    Men’s Cazh a la Seattle, San Francisco and New York

    As a man, how do you do cazh? Like a Seattelite, San Franciscan or New Yorker? While comparing men’s cazh looks for Spring in my new hometown of Seattle, Washington, former stomping grounds of San Francisco, and favorite getaway of New York City, I have noticed quite a bit of variation. I thought it would be interesting to […] Read more…

  • Brown shoes with black pants

    Brown Shoes with Black Pants. Really?

    Brown shoes with black pants – for heaven’s sake, WHY? I know some of you will be saying to yourselves, “Why not?” After all, a lot more flies in fashion than ever before. It’s now okay to wear black with brown, combine neutrals, wear white after Labor Day, and for women, let the world see your bra straps. […] Read more…


  • Who Wore It Better?

    Why I Hate “Who Wore It Better?”

    You know those articles, “Who Wore It Better?” I hate those articles. I find them not only demeaning to the (usually) women represented, but they are also an insult to my intelligence and social consciousness. I feel we might as well ask ourselves, “Which is a better fruit, the apple or the orange?” In my […] Read more…

  • shapeless wear

    Shapeless Wear

    Have you noticed an ongoing trend toward wearing garments of relaxed fit? It is a point of contrast to body-clinging leggings or skinny pants, but I must say I have a hard time embracing the shapelessness of it all. Okay, I will admit it looks quite comfy. I could totally see myself wearing it to curl up […] Read more…


  • Liliya's packing tips

    Fashion, Packing and Traveling by Liliya Anisimova

    I have a confession to make: I hate unpacking suitcases! A suitcase can stand in the middle of my room for weeks after my arrival. It gets moved around from place to place until I really need something from it, so that I have to open it and start sorting everything out.   I mean, […] Read more…

  • What to wear in San Francisco

    How to Pack for San Francisco

    Might you be planning to visit San Francisco in the near future? Wondering what to pack for walking around Union Square? The museums? Fisherman’s Wharf? Well, you came across this post in the nick of time. If you want to fit in with San Francisco locals, just think C-A-S-U-A-L. While many San Franciscans have a style […] Read more…