• Fluffy furry coat

    Trend alert: Fuzzy Furry (Really?)

    There is a trend taking the streets by storm in San Francisco: apparel and shoes of the fuzzy, furry type. I have to say I am more of an observer than a participant in this movement. It runs counter to my sense of style. I mean, this time of year I’m racking my brain trying to […] Read more…

  • Dressing for fall

    Dressing for Fall (in California)

    I cannot stand dressing for the season. It is so boring and unimaginative, so connect-the-dots/paint by numbers. I mean, white for summer, autumn foliage colors in November, jewel tones in winter and trying to resemble a flower petal in spring? Oh, please! While living in the San Francisco Bay area, I fortunately don’t have to dress for the seasons; […] Read more…


  • Transitional dressing in California

    California Transitional Dress (Summer-Not So Summer)

    “Now this is why I live in California!” is pretty much my mantra during the holiday season. It is a special treat to be able to go to the beach on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. And pardon me for bragging, but some days I still leave the house with nary a jacket. In this […] Read more…

  • Wearing all black

    Why Wear All Black? Black is the Bomb!

    Next time someone looks me up and down and asks, “Where’s the funeral?” I have the perfect answer – or rather, counter question: “Tell me, what could possibly be more chic, more elegant, more cosmopolitan, more discreet and sophisticated than black?“ Black is the bomb! And all black is even better. It is a show of fierce […] Read more…

women's style

  • How to wear booties

    Boot Watch, Part One (Booties)

    About this time of year, I go crazy over boots. Whether they are sassy, sophisticated, provocative or simply warm, there is a style for every woman or you could say, every mood. The streets of San Francisco are replete with awesome boot muses. Here are a few I have delighted these days in spotting. Part […] Read more…

  • Scarf season

    ‘Tis the Season of the Scarf

    Is this really autumn? I’m not sure. This weekend I enjoyed Bill Cunningham’s slide show tribute to autumn in New York (check it out!), and have heard of the recent peak autumn foliage in New England. Must be awesome! But here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have…well, sunny weather and temperatures in the 60’s. Sure, it’s a […] Read more…

men's style

  • Great casual men's look

    Men’s Smart Casual

    What comes to mind when you hear “smart casual“? It is becoming increasingly popular as the dress code for networking events, for example, and at workplaces. There is an awesome article on Primer Magazine about the difference between business casual and smart casual: (For business casual) the key words here are professional, neat, and pulled together…(With smart […] Read more…

  • selecting a great tie

    Selecting a great necktie

    How is your tie collection these days? The necktie-shirt combination is one of few ways men have to express themselves while dressing more formally. Of course, there is also some potential in the necktie-shirt-jacket combination, and a great pair of shoes is nothing to pooh-pooh. If you’ve been missing out on these opportunities, I hope […] Read more…