• Transitional clothing

    Transitional Dress Inspiration

    How do you feel about transition? Do you look forward to change or are you more comfortable with things staying the same? Or perhaps like me, you feel every which way. When summer ends, I certainly regret shorter, colder days, but I have to say I look forward to snuggling up in front of a fire with my […] Read more…

  • matching couples

    Partners in Style

    How matchy-matchy are you with your sweetie?  At the end of last year, I published a post about San Franciscan couples whose styles appeared to be in sync. Since then I have been delighted by even more perfect examples of how for some of us, our style more closely resembles that of our partner over time – or could it […] Read more…


  • Street wedding shoot

    Stop traffic!

          Newbury Street, Boston Wedding shoots in the street brighten my day. This one reminds me of a lovely quote I recently read in Vogue, attributed to the ageless fashion model and designer, Inès de La Fressange (words in parentheses are mine): “Always be in love with a man [or woman], a project, a […] Read more…

  • Window shopping

    “I can see myself in this.”

        Milan, Italy     Read more…

Style Elements

  • Menswear inspired

    #OOTD – Menswear inspired

    What does a girl wear to pick up out-of-town visitors from the train station? Read more…

  • MFW

    Milan Fashion Week SS16 by Ilaria Icardi

    We are extremely pleased to feature a guest post by Italian fashion blogger Ilaria Icardi of My Way To Be Myself. Ilaria graciously offered to share with us a wonderful dose of the spirit, trends, and excitement of Milan Fashion Week. Enjoy! WHAT’S NEW ABOUT SS16 TRENDS? MILAN FASHION WEEK 2015 Doors have just closed on Fashion Week in […] Read more…

Beauty Elements

  • slidernew

    Quick Fix for a Facial Bruise

    We are extremely excited to inaugurate the blog’s brand new section, “Beauty Elements.” Just as our blog is about real people with real style, our first post deals with a very real-life scenario. While on vacation in Moscow, Russia, Julia ended up with bruising near the eye. Read below how she handled it – beautifully! First of all, I want to make […] Read more…

  • Dramatic Makeup

    Inaugurating Beauty Elements!

    We at theSTYLetti are happy to inaugurate a new section, Beauty Elements! With Beauty Elements, we will now be covering makeup, hair, and fitness – all of which in addition to dress, are important ways by which we present ourselves to the world. Interestingly, the post with which we kick off Beauty Elements fits in perfectly with our focus on real people […] Read more…


  • Venice

    On a honeymoon

    I really don’t regret to say that I will be honeymooning in Italy this week and will take a brief hiatus from posting on theSTYLetti. Be sure that you will see some lovely visions of street style – I cannot resist! – next week. And perhaps some shots of the bride and groom. Make sure to check back […] Read more…

  • Summer wear

    Reminiscing About Summer While It’s Still Here

    Some of you dear readers might be in the process of moving summer wear to the far reaches of your closet to make room for transitional or even fall garments. But I want you to caution against being too hasty. What I am saying is: It. Is. Still. Summer. If you live in California, Milan, or even Seattle, you will […] Read more…