Glimpses (Street photos)

  • Bill Cunningham Corner

    Magic on Bill Cunningham Corner

    On my last day spent in New York, I met up with Liliya for brunch – remember her awesome No Dinos! Moschino dress? – and walked around Union Square with her while snapping street style photos. Afterward I decided to hit Century 21 near Lincoln Center – an amazing store of discounted designer goodies where Liliya scored her Moschino dress. Things didn’t turn out as […] Read more…

  • Jewelry style, statement necklace

    Jewelry, It’s a Personal Thing

    Our last blog post was about a street style trend regarding jewelry – which seems to range from minimalist (simple hoops, delicate lariat necklaces, and other “nude” pieces) to non-existent. However, I always find people on the streets – thank goodness! – who successfully defy any of our attempts to define what is considered fashionable. A recent article at interprets this minimalist […] Read more…


  • Liliya's outfit for a pain-free summer day

    #OOTD – Enjoying a Summer Day

    This week it was extremely painful for me to make up an ootd (outfit of the day) – literally. It all started last weekend when I had unbelievable back pain. And when I say unbelievable, it was actually worse: I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up straight, and couldn’t even turn if I were lying down. The only […] Read more…

  • Liliya's #ootd for a perfect Saturday, 1

    #OOTD – Perfect Saturday

    If I had to plan my perfect Saturday, I’d probably imagine a day like last Saturday – sleeping in later than usual, having something very pleasant done – this time it was a manicure – and then brunch with a friend. For the occasion, I could wear just about anything – anything I felt like. I chose a silk Moschino […] Read more…


  • Fave outfits in 2016

    Roundup of Fave Looks in 2016 (So Far)

    I just spent several glorious vacation days with my husband Mark in California. We got to enjoy the sun, the ocean, and wine country – sooo relaxing. During my break from blogging, I had a chance to reflect on everything and got really excited about our new developments at the STYLetti: an ever-growing international audience, New York Fashion Week in September […] Read more…

  • essential holiday swimwear

    Essential Holiday Swimwear

    While planning summer vacation with my husband this year, I decided that I would not leave you, dear reader, without something new and fun at And so I asked Adele of Adele Lydia to contribute a guest post – she’s captivated me with her awesome writing – and she agreed! On her blog, Adele shares her aspiration to become the Carrie Bradshaw of Dublin (minus […] Read more…


  • Rio Van Zant interview

    Rio Van Zant on Modeling, Beauty, and Taking Great Shots

    At the STYLetti, we love showing the unique styles and beauty of real people, focusing on (mostly) women of varying backgrounds, ages, and shapes. Hence, our tagline “Real People With Real Style.” This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t also get inspired by celebrities and models on occasion. In fact, I believe that those are the people with a duty to let the rest of […] Read more…

  • Julia with curly hair

    How to Get Gorgeous Curls at Home – Easy!

    Have you noticed that for us as women, it often happens that if we have straight hair, we want it curly – or the other way around? I want to show you how to achieve a great curly-hair look no matter what kind of hair you have – even if it is thick and already curly […] Read more…

Street style

  • No Jewelry

    Trending: Minimal to No Jewelry

    Have you noticed lately? Jewelry has become practically optional – and when you do see it on the street, it’s most likely minimalist. I suppose jewelry – like everything else in fashion – has its cycles. I actually find it amusing that while block-heeled shoes in granny styles are now fashionable, big statement jewelry many of our grandmothers […] Read more…

  • Rio in a black hat

    Why Your Next Summer Hat Should be Black

    The other day while running in my neighborhood, I came across this scene. It isn’t often that I see real street style in Seattle (they were tourists searching for Curt Cobain’s house). And so naturally, I spun around to capture it all with my iPhone. I mean, how often do you see a pair of cool Mary Jane-ish boots (to the […] Read more…