• Vancouver Fashion Week, SS17

    Up and Coming Designers at Vancouver Fashion Week

    We at the STYLetti were thrilled to be invited to attend Vancouver (Canada) Fashion Week this season. First of all, Vancouver is a global city. More than half of its residents have something other than English as their first language. I can tell you, I loved my visit there; the city is clean, gorgeous, and full of ultra friendly […] Read more…

  • Fashion week outfits

    3 Fashion Week Outfits

    What do you wear to fashion week? We’re in the midst of fashion month right now, and all kinds of advice is floating around the internet. One of my favorites is to wear something that reflects your everyday look but is dialed up a notch or two. I like this outfit I wore to Emily Payne’s show, […] Read more…


  • Liliya Anisimova reviews the Irresistible Me flat iron

    How I Got This Shiny, Healthy-Looking Straight Hair

    Do you straighten your hair? If you do, you will definitely want to read Liliya’s review of a styling tool that made her hair straight, shiny, and even healthier looking. My hair is not naturally straight, nor is it curly; it has this useless wavy quality that is probably the worst – you either have to […] Read more…

  • Rio Van Zant interview

    Rio Van Zant on Modeling, Beauty, and Taking Great Shots

    At the STYLetti, we love showing the unique styles and beauty of real people, focusing on (mostly) women of varying backgrounds, ages, and shapes. Hence, our tagline “Real People With Real Style.” This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t also get inspired by celebrities and models on occasion. In fact, I believe that those are the people with a duty to let the rest of […] Read more…


  • Liliya's checkmate #ootd

    #OOTD – Checkmate!

    Black and white. It’s hard to go wrong with those two. When it comes to a black and white outfit, I like to combine different prints. Here’s an example. You can see that the top has horizontal stripes in the back and circles in front, while the sweatshirt has a zebra print with a little “twist” in […] Read more…

  • Liliya in search of her NYFW skirt

    #OOTD – Preparing for NYFW

    “It’s all good in Hollywood” (my t-shirt says). While in New York, fashion week is in full swing as well as the heat. I just got back from L.A. where I got this t-shirt and bandana at one of my favorite stores in the Venice beach area – Junk Food Clothing on Abbot Kinney Boulevard (not to be confused with the […] Read more…

Street style

  • Street style for the Jeremy Scott show

    Street Style Highlights From the Jeremy Scott Show, NYFW

    Chiara Ferrigno’s “read my lips” look Street style is always inspiring to me, even – or maybe especially – when it’s completely crazy and off-the-wall. Since personal style is a reflection/extension of our personalities, I have a deep appreciation for a sartorial sense of humor and playfulness. And so, while I’ve been here at New […] Read more…

  • Button-down street style

    Want both a casual and sophisticated look this weekend? Think button-down!

    Are you tired of your summer clothes yet? News bulletin for some of you: it’s still summer! 😉 I imagine that this weekend (Labor Day in the U.S.) will be spent near the sea by some, on a last mini-trip by others, and for those who opt for a staycation, perhaps some sale shopping. In case you plan to […] Read more…

Glimpses (Street photos)

  • Summer scarf

    A Stylish Way to Slow Down Aging

    Vogue magazine has recently joined in the buzz around maintaining a beautiful neckline in an article about “the new wrinkle you haven’t seen yet,” mentioning a needle procedure along with serums and other treatments. The last time I wandered around New York, I noticed an a much easier (preventative!) method on the streets this summer: the scarf. Now I’m not actually sure that […] Read more…

  • Bill Cunningham Corner

    Magic on Bill Cunningham Corner

    On my last day spent in New York, I met up with Liliya for brunch – remember her awesome No Dinos! Moschino dress? – and walked around Union Square with her while snapping street style photos. Afterward I decided to hit Century 21 near Lincoln Center – an amazing store of discounted designer goodies where Liliya scored her Moschino dress. Things didn’t turn out as […] Read more…