• Oversized pants

    #OOTD – Oversized Pants for Visiting Ghosts at the Boardwalk

    Have you ever been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk? If you have, you’ve surely seen the Giant Dipper, one of the oldest roller coasters in the world (from the 20s) built of all wood and still one of the scariest amusement rides I can think of. Mark and I recently escaped horrible rain storms […] Read more…

  • #OOTD, Shorts in October

    #OOTN – Shorts in October!

    I’m in Santa Cruz, California right now where temperatures are in the high 70s to low 80s. I’m not going to complain. But at the same time, this warm fall weather can present a quandary: I mean, what do you wear if you want to be comfortable but avoid just repeating summer outfits? Liliya’s post today offers inspiration! – Janea I […] Read more…


  • Army green

    Why Army Green is a Supertrend

    Every year, the fashion industry turns to Pantone to announce the color of the year. It seems that Apple was paying attention when they came up with one of the two colors sharing the honor this year: rose quartz. Pantone also announces the season’s most chic colors. This fall they include two shades of pink (of course!), taupe, “spicy” […] Read more…

  • Emily Payne's PROJKT Maiden Lane show of Leather Tongue

    Emily Payne’s Fall Show in San Francisco

    Did you catch our post on Emily Payne’s NYFW show? Well, her PROJKT Maiden Lane show for San Francisco Fashion Week was even more exciting! Emily showed her edgy pieces created with luxurious fabrics, and the outerwear is just perfect for fall – not to mention how well it all fits in with that urban San Francisco vibe. I loved seeing garments worn by woman […] Read more…

Street style

  • Pink and yellow street style

    Trending: Pink and Yellow

    New York Fashion Week was amazingly inspiring to me. I love taking photos of street style in general, and when it’s fashion week, you get the what my husband Mark calls the “World Series” of style – the sidewalks full of pros and people in-the-know when it comes to current and upcoming trends. Far be it for me to endorse any […] Read more…

  • Miss Patina love cat shirt

    Trend Alert: Eye-Catching Collars

    This year I was so excited to actually BE at New York Fashion Week to see and take photos of that most adventurous, on-point, and crazy street style IN PERSON. I didn’t have to employ my usual furtive maneuver of holding my camera waist-high while discreetly looking down at a tilted viewfinder to capture candid shots of […] Read more…


  • Liliya Anisimova reviews the Irresistible Me flat iron

    How I Got This Shiny, Healthy-Looking Straight Hair

    Do you straighten your hair? If you do, you will definitely want to read Liliya’s review of a styling tool that made her hair straight, shiny, and even healthier looking. My hair is not naturally straight, nor is it curly; it has this useless wavy quality that is probably the worst – you either have to […] Read more…

  • Rio Van Zant interview

    Rio Van Zant on Modeling, Beauty, and Taking Great Shots

    At the STYLetti, we love showing the unique styles and beauty of real people, focusing on (mostly) women of varying backgrounds, ages, and shapes. Hence, our tagline “Real People With Real Style.” This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t also get inspired by celebrities and models on occasion. In fact, I believe that those are the people with a duty to let the rest of […] Read more…