Street style

  • No Jewelry

    Trending: Minimal to No Jewelry

    Have you noticed lately? Jewelry has become practically optional – and when you do see it on the street, it’s most likely minimalist. I suppose jewelry – like everything else in fashion – has its cycles. I actually find it amusing that while block-heeled shoes in granny styles are now fashionable, big statement jewelry many of our grandmothers […] Read more…

  • Rio in a black hat

    Why Your Next Summer Hat Should be Black

    The other day while running in my neighborhood, I came across this scene. It isn’t often that I see real street style in Seattle (they were tourists searching for Curt Cobain’s house). And so naturally, I spun around to capture it all with my iPhone. I mean, how often do you see a pair of cool Mary Jane-ish boots (to the […] Read more…


  • Liliya's outfit for a pain-free summer day

    #OOTD – Enjoying a Summer Day

    This week it was extremely painful for me to make up an ootd (outfit of the day) – literally. It all started last weekend when I had unbelievable back pain. And when I say unbelievable, it was actually worse: I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up straight, and couldn’t even turn if I were lying down. The only […] Read more…

  • Liliya's #ootd for a perfect Saturday, 1

    #OOTD – Perfect Saturday

    If I had to plan my perfect Saturday, I’d probably imagine a day like last Saturday – sleeping in later than usual, having something very pleasant done – this time it was a manicure – and then brunch with a friend. For the occasion, I could wear just about anything – anything I felt like. I chose a silk Moschino […] Read more…

Glimpses (Street photos)

  • Jewelry style, statement necklace

    Jewelry, It’s a Personal Thing

    Our last blog post was about a street style trend regarding jewelry – which seems to range from minimalist (simple hoops, delicate lariat necklaces, and other “nude” pieces) to non-existent. However, I always find people on the streets – thank goodness! – who successfully defy any of our attempts to define what is considered fashionable. A recent article at interprets this minimalist […] Read more…

  • Styling a graphic tee

    Styling a Graphic Tee

    Have you noticed? Nearly every online fashion mag is featuring an article this week about white or graphic tees. From a practical point of view, both are comfy for warm to hot weather. And from a style perspective, they totally fit in with the street vibe – now that casual wear is having its day in the sun. I thought […] Read more…


  • Julia with curly hair

    How to Get Gorgeous Curls at Home – Easy!

    Have you noticed that for us as women, it often happens that if we have straight hair, we want it curly – or the other way around? I want to show you how to achieve a great curly-hair look no matter what kind of hair you have – even if it is thick and already curly […] Read more…

  • Liliya Anisimova's skin care regimen

    5 Beautiful Skin Must-Haves

    In previous posts, you may have noticed Liliya’s beautiful skin. In case you’ve wondered how she maintains it, here are some secrets to her skin care regimen. Enjoy! I thought I would write this post to share with you my skin care and beauty products. I am attaching photos of my tools – all the facial lotions and makeup I have. You can […] Read more…


  • Fave outfits in 2016

    Roundup of Fave Looks in 2016 (So Far)

    I just spent several glorious vacation days with my husband Mark in California. We got to enjoy the sun, the ocean, and wine country – sooo relaxing. During my break from blogging, I had a chance to reflect on everything and got really excited about our new developments at the STYLetti: an ever-growing international audience, New York Fashion Week in September […] Read more…

  • essential holiday swimwear

    Essential Holiday Swimwear

    While planning summer vacation with my husband this year, I decided that I would not leave you, dear reader, without something new and fun at And so I asked Adele of Adele Lydia to contribute a guest post – she’s captivated me with her awesome writing – and she agreed! On her blog, Adele shares her aspiration to become the Carrie Bradshaw of Dublin (minus […] Read more…