• Going striped

    Going Striped

    Last Sunday I spent the day in New York City. Temperatures hovered around 90, which must have been the percentage of humidity in the air as well. However, New Yorkers never fail to amaze me. Even in the most stifling of conditions (or frigid), style is on full display in the streets. One trend I […] Read more…

  • Graphic tees

    Rocking a Graphic Tee – in a Nutshell

    Graphic tees are everywhere, and not just for kids or dudes. I was recently disappointed by one of my favorite retailers; one of their stores featured a table covered in cool graphic tees for men, but when I asked about the same for women, I received a vague response as to departments I might search (with no luck, thank […] Read more…


  • Wide-legged and palazzo pants

    The Wide-legged and Palazzo Few

    When I was 16, Vogue magazine featured cover-to-cover mini-skirts. Mini skirts were back! For a sixteen-year-old, it was a first time, but the excitement was still there.  I had a sudden urge to wear something “new”, playful, and different from everything around me. I soon discovered, however, that stores were oblivious to my newfound “trend.” There was not a single mini for sale! What to […] Read more…

  • Summer booties

    Booties in Summer

    The last time I was in San Francisco, I sat on a bus from Hayes Valley to Union Square next to a strikingly stylish couple. The woman wore a filmy white blouse and dark above-the-knee pencil skirt under a lightweight navy designer trench coat. Her elegant attire caused me to suspect they were on their way to dinner/drinks. Her tan-colored booties, however, were another […] Read more…

Women's Style

  • How to wear Converse

    How to (and not to) Wear Converse

      Chuck Taylors by Converse are the classic sneaker for cool, casual style when combined with the right outfit. It isn’t rocket science to rock them, but I thought I would list a few DO’s and DON’Ts based on my experiences observing them on the streets.   DON’T… combine neutral-colored Chucks with an ordinary, lackluster […] Read more…

  • Liliya Anisimova

    Spring in NYC by Liliya

    When I started writing this blog post it was already June 2. Janea had suggested “Spring in NYC” as the topic. And I thought: “Spring? Why? It’s already summer!” But I was wrong. The thing is that in Russia, where I’m originally from, Summer starts on June 1st (fall – September 1st…) No wonder I […] Read more…

Men's Style

  • men's cazh in New York City

    Men’s Cazh a la Seattle, San Francisco and New York

    As a man, how do you do cazh? Like a Seattelite, San Franciscan or New Yorker? While comparing men’s cazh looks for Spring in my new hometown of Seattle, Washington, former stomping grounds of San Francisco, and favorite getaway of New York City, I have noticed quite a bit of variation. I thought it would be interesting to […] Read more…

  • Brown shoes with black pants

    Brown Shoes with Black Pants. Really?

    Brown shoes with black pants – for heaven’s sake, WHY? I know some of you will be saying to yourselves, “Why not?” After all, a lot more flies in fashion than ever before. It’s now okay to wear black with brown, combine neutrals, wear white after Labor Day, and for women, let the world see your bra straps. […] Read more…


  • On the road - slider

    On the Road

    Hello dear readers, I am going on the road to Switzerland and Italy… and so, will be taking a brief hiatus from posting here on theSTYLetti. I am excited about the imminent exposure to what I am sure will be amazing muses of style – despite weather forecasts calling for 97-degree days! Be sure to follow on-the-road updates to Instagram, Facebook, and […] Read more…

  • ditch the backpack

    Can Ya Ditch the Backpack, Gentlemen?

    It seems more and more businessmen are shedding their messenger bags and briefcases and switching over to backpacks. I suppose the hands-free feature is what makes it so popular among business travelers and public transit commuters. I also imagine that the more symmetric distribution of weight on the back is a selling point. While the market […] Read more…