• Flattering outfit with a plaid shirt

    How To Wear a Plaid Shirt if You Tend to Hate Plaid Shirts

    Okay, I can’t take full responsibility for the catchy title. Man Repeller recently published a post on wearing knee-length skirts when you hate them. Knee-length skirts do remind me of high school, but what’s worse in my book are plaid shirts. I won’t go on about how horrible they are. In five words, they make me look boxy. Or one: unflattering! […] Read more…

  • wine tasting outfit in Carmel Valley

    From Wine Tasting in Carmel To Sunset Viewing in Big Sur

    I’ve never been a huge fan of country western style music or dress. However, I think that this almost Old West-style wine tasting outfit worked out quite well – if I do say myself! 😉 – for a visit to a lovely tasting room in Old West-style Carmel Valley. It also happened to be perfect for catching the sunset that […] Read more…


  • Liliya in shopping mode

    Welcome to >Shop theSTYLetti<

    This past year, we’ve been so honored to meet indie designers while covering fashion and style scenes in our backyards (New York and San Francisco). Interestingly enough, all of them starred on Project Runway and all ended up on top in their seasons. We are now super excited to invite you to SHOP their creations! Read more…

  • End-of-year sales haul

    End-Of-Year Sales Haul + 3 Resultant Nuggets of Wisdom

    Let me guess, your pocketbook’s a little lighter this time of year. Well, how’d that happen?! 😉 I know, retailers know exactly how to squeeze out our every last penny during the holidays. But I’m learning (it’s an ongoing process!) that if you play your cards right, you can also make great buys during end-of-year sales. And this […] Read more…

Street style

  • San Francisco holiday street style stars

    Holiday Street Style Inspo from the San Francisco Bay

    For all the hustle and bustle around Christmastime, I know how tempting it is to just stay home in your pj’s, curled up with a hot cup of tea. There’s definitely a natural tendency within me to avoid crowds. But this past Sunday, I dove straight into two popular shopping sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. My […] Read more…

  • Boston cold weather street style

    Cold-Weather Style Tips I Picked Up on a Chilly Day in Boston

    Is your cold-weather wardrobe ready? Of course, you might be snickering right now if you live in California, where it’s just getting breezy. But wait, what about that trip to more northern reaches – or the mountains? For frigid temperatures, a girl needs to be prepared. That’s why I want to share 3 great cold-weather style tips I gathered on my recent […] Read more…