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We get inspired by street style everywhere we go – New York, Milan, London, L.A….even Seattle at times!

Holiday Street Style Inspo from the San Francisco Bay

San Francisco holiday street style stars

For all the hustle and bustle around Christmastime, I know how tempting it is to just stay home in your pj’s, curled up with a hot cup of tea. There’s definitely a natural tendency within me to avoid crowds. But this past Sunday, I dove straight into two popular shopping sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. My […] Read more…

Cold-Weather Style Tips I Picked Up on a Chilly Day in Boston

Boston cold weather street style

Is your cold-weather wardrobe ready? Of course, you might be snickering right now if you live in California, where it’s just getting breezy. But wait, what about that trip to more northern reaches – or the mountains? For frigid temperatures, a girl needs to be prepared. That’s why I want to share 3 great cold-weather style tips I gathered on my recent […] Read more…

Graphic Tees: Why and How to Wear Them This Fall

Graphic tee street style

Want to instantly add more fun to your layering for fall? Think graphic tees! Graphic tees are nothing new, of course. I mean, they’ve been around forever. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems to me that they’re bigger than ever. I got to shoot street style at ten of the New York Fashion Week […] Read more…

Why Army Green is a Supertrend

Army green

Every year, the fashion industry turns to Pantone to announce the color of the year. It seems that Apple was paying attention when they came up with one of the two colors sharing the honor this year: rose quartz. Pantone also announces the season’s most chic colors. This fall they include two shades of pink (of course!), taupe, “spicy” […] Read more…

Trending: Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow street style

New York Fashion Week was amazingly inspiring to me. I love taking photos of street style in general, and when it’s fashion week, you get the what my husband Mark calls the “World Series” of style – the sidewalks full of pros and people in-the-know when it comes to current and upcoming trends. Far be it for me to endorse any […] Read more…

Trend Alert: Eye-Catching Collars

Miss Patina love cat shirt

This year I was so excited to actually BE at New York Fashion Week to see and take photos of that most adventurous, on-point, and crazy street style IN PERSON. I didn’t have to employ my usual furtive maneuver of holding my camera waist-high while discreetly looking down at a tilted viewfinder to capture candid shots of […] Read more…

Street Style Highlights From the Jeremy Scott Show, NYFW

Street style for the Jeremy Scott show

Chiara Ferrigno’s “read my lips” look Street style is always inspiring to me, even – or maybe especially – when it’s completely crazy and off-the-wall. Since personal style is a reflection/extension of our personalities, I have a deep appreciation for a sartorial sense of humor and playfulness. And so, while I’ve been here at New […] Read more…

Tips for Styling a Long Cardigan

styling a long cardigan

Have you noticed how over the years, our style becomes more sophisticated? Over time we stop adopting every trend we see on a blog, in a fashion magazine, or on the street and instead, start exercising the power to pick and choose what suits our personalities and flatters our bodies. Of course, every now and then we’ll give something outside of our comfort […] Read more…

Hot Weather Chic Because Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Summer street style

I know, you’ve hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or did other pre-fall shopping), and you can’t wait to start wearing your favorite fall trends. But summer’s not over yet! Here’s some style inspiration I’ve brought you fresh from the streets of Manhattan for those still yet-to-come hot days in the city. Upon arriving to Penn Station on Saturday […] Read more…

Roundup of Fave Street Style in 2016 (So Far)

theSTYLetti street style roundup, 2016

Happy middle-of-the-week! You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I put together a collection of favorite outfits in 2016 shared by Liliya, Julia, and yours truly. Since the STYLetti is also about all the stylish people we encounter on the streets – real people, not celebrities! – I thought it would be fun to feature a roundup of […] Read more…

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