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Tips for professional dress with a bun in the oven (and saving dough!)

19th September
When you are pregnant, there are so many things to plan. As a result, you might not want to bother so much with your wardrobe. At the same time, you want to look professional at work. My colleague Heather (pictured below) mentioned it is simply too costly for her to go out and buy maternity […]

Drowning in brown: dare we dress in non-autumn colors after Labor Day?

12th September
I detest brown. It is a practical color for shoes, I grant you. But when it comes to dresses? Drab! Suits? Boring. Shirts? Excuse me, but it was never “the new black”. I mean, brown is the color of dirt, not of elegance and sophistication. So, Labor Day has just passed, and what is everyone […]

Ensemble with a dash of “princess”: sparkly sandals!

5th September
Here near the coast in central California, Indian summer is finally upon us! The fog has subsided, and we can finally enjoy a pleasant spell of beautiful sunny days. I want to share an ensemble I spotted last week, which I feel would be perfect for an art opening or outdoor cocktail party – even […]

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