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Outfits of the Day/Night by Designer Minika Ko

19th September
We were so fortunate to check out some designs by Minika Ko, an emerging designer who just showed during NYFW. Her new KOVASKY line includes all-white stain-resistant garments. Yes, white AND stain resistant! And now, for Liliya’s review from Miami (pre-Irma)… Minika sent me three pieces from her current collection. I was instantly smitten with […]

Taking a Short Summer Break (+ 3 Summer Outfits)

25th August
Wha…bloggers don’t take breaks, do they? Well, late night show hosts do, magazines seem to do it (isn’t that what double issues are all about?), and even our fave TV shows do it.

#OOTD – Going Way Retro, Like Back to Roman Times

23rd August
I initially wanted to call this post “Walk Like An Egyptian.” That is, until Mark informed me that my look seems more ancient-Roman-inspired. Either way, I think you can say that the outfit goes beyond retro. Maybe you could say it’s a classic?

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