Styling a Graphic Tee

6th July

Have you noticed? Nearly every online fashion mag is featuring an article this week about white or graphic tees. From a practical point of view, both are comfy for warm to hot weather. And from a style perspective, they totally fit in with the street vibe – now that casual wear is having its day in the sun.

I thought I’d share some glimpses of my latest graphic t-shirt inspiration from Beverly Hills – 4 tees styled different ways. In a couple of shots you’ll see women in pairs, one in a white top and the other in a graphic tee. I like the effect of being able to contrast otherwise similar looks.

And I love the extra fun a drawing or lettering brings to an ensemble. My fave look here is the tee with a pleated skirt. Which is yours?

Graphic tee and jeans

Graphic tee with mini skirt Graphic tee and pants

Graphic tee with a skirt

Beverly Hills, in and near Rodeo Drive

XO, Janea




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2 responses to “Styling a Graphic Tee”

  1. David says:

    Excellent post!


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