Day-to-Date-Night Outfit With Pieces from the Kenzo x H&M Collection

5th May

Day to date night

Do you like surprises? This outfit of the day has a little surprise: namely, this exotic-looking top from the limited Kenzo x H&M collection. By day, it is a colorful pop of colors to accompany a standard business suit. By night, it screams, “Let’s party!

I have just started working more frequently as a linguist in a California Bay Area court. At this courthouse, I love it that women go all out to dress professionally – often with a personal flair. I’ve noticed two predominant trends.

  1. the traditional skirt suit with “court shoes” – usually pointy-toed stiletto pumps.
  2. pants suit or narrow-legged cropped pants with a blazer accompanied (again) by the court shoe.

Work outfit with Kenzo X H&M top

My outfit plays by the rules, according to the first formula I described. However, I so a lot of walking, and so four-inch stilettos didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I wore a classic pair of mid-height heels by Dior. My favorite piece of the outfit, of course, is the top – for that personal touch.


Another important accessory is this Knomo backpack. During work, I schlep around a lot of stuff: laptop computer, notebook, water bottle (I talk a lot!) and mid-morning snack. This leather pack, although slim, fits everything. And I love how elegant it looks with its fine black leather and gold zippers.

Knomo backpack

Knomo slim profile luxury backpack – SIMILAR

I find this outfit uplifting, because of its bright colors. However, the real fun begins once work is over. I can stick my backpack into the trunk of my car, get out a little clutch, and pull the top down my shoulders.

Evening look with Kenzo X H&M top and bag


I remember when Liliya told me about the exclusive Kenzo x H&M line last November. Pieces were predicted to sell out in hours, and so, I researched what I wanted ahead of time and set an alarm to place my order as soon as the online scramble began.

Evening look: Kenzo X H&M top and clutch

I chose this top, because I find the off-the-shoulder trend so subtly sexy. And although I knew I’d have to wait months to wear it (when weather permitted), I figured it would still be sufficiently on point.

The bright – actually, explosive – colors of this collection make it almost seem like resort wear. And since I do not like to confine any type of clothing to its corresponding purpose, I was really excited to buy a resort-ish top for work, weekend wear, date nights, and even…on vacation.

Date night look with Kenzo X H&M top and clutch


This clutch is also from the Kenzo x H&M collection. The beauty of this cohesive collection is that different pieces go so well together. And it’s so eye-catching, with its vibrant colors and fun prints. You might remember Lilya’s outfit with other pieces from THIS POST.

Kenzo X H&M top and clutch

If it were warmer, I might like to have swapped my pumps out for green stiletto sandals (as seen HERE). For this spring evening, however, it was perfect for a visit to Mark’s and my favorite wine bar in downtown Santa Cruz.

Date night in my colorful, off-the-shoulder top

Theory jacket – SIMILAR / Kenzo X H&M top and clutch (sold out) / Halogen pencil skirt – SIMILAR / Knomo backpack – IN RED / Dior pumps (old)

I hope you liked this day-to-date-night outfit. Do you have any other tricks for making professional dress more interesting?

XO, Janea

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10 responses to “Day-to-Date-Night Outfit With Pieces from the Kenzo x H&M Collection”

  1. David says:

    Stunning or in Russian, “obaldet'”.

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow! What a beautiful colors! Very elegant!

  3. Paola says:

    Wow Janea, that top is everything!!!
    You are absolutely chic!
    Love, Paola.

  4. Laura says:

    This top is so gorgeous and it looks amazing on you – great day-to-night option!!!


  5. Gabrielle says:

    This blouse offers a playful pop of colour to a smart and sophisticated look; so gorgeous! I love how such bright colours are creeping into our wardrobes now that Spring is finally here 🙂


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