Ivory Linen Shirt Dress: Wrinkles As Part of the Charm

27th Jun
Do you have to be model thin to wear a shirt dress? When I saw this ivory linen shirt dress in the store, I loved the look so much that I stubbornly ignored all those voices in my head that were telling me, "What are you thinking? This dress is not the cut for you!"




"Fashion Is My Favorite F* Word" Jersey

On sale for $98!


#OOTN – Floral Tank and a Sheeny Skirt for Date Night

23rd Jun
There's little that gives me more sartorial satisfaction than putting together beloved pieces for a brand new (to me!) look. This skirt is a long-time favorite, and the floral tank is a relatively newer fave. Since both have a similar sheeny quality, I decided to pair them for date night with my sweetheart.

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