Seattle Cool

4th May

Seattle millennial style

Here in Seattle, I sometimes feel starved to see real fashion and inspired street style. But now and then, I am treated to a vision like this one.

Here’s the deal:

Since I moved to Seattle last year, I have noticed a general lack of fashion sense or personal style. It puzzled me at first, since creativity in this city is rampant: businesses have awesome interiors, the art scene is dynamic, restaurants feature excellence in the culinary arts, and architecture is innovative and inspiring.

But there is a serious disconnect between that creativity and people’s personal presentation. Last summer, I was dismayed by how many women I saw walking along the sidewalk in gym shorts, gym sneakers, and gym tees. Huh?!

And so when I saw these two women in playful, colorful post-grunge flirty-fun spring outfits, my heart was filled with joy – a refreshing glimpse of that Kurt Cobain-type creativity on a personal level. It’s great to be inspired by cool Seattle style!

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” – Mary Quant

Beach House Restaurant bar, Seattle

Cool Seattle style

Seattle millennial style

XO, Janea




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  1. Love this post, everything about it!


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