When I was 16, Vogue magazine featured cover-to-cover mini-skirts. Mini skirts were back! For a sixteen-year-old, it was a first time, but the excitement was still there. 

I had a sudden urge to wear something “new”, playful, and different from everything around me.

I soon discovered, however, that stores were oblivious to my newfound “trend.” There was not a single mini for sale! What to do? My mother sewed me a bright red one, which I wore proudly with a puffy-sleeved top (think Deb in the prom scene of “Napoleon Dynamite“) and booties.

A recent visit to New York City incited a similar thrill when I observed among the sea of skinny-legged trousers…

Wide-legged and palazzo pants

someone standing out from the crowd, someone with a very different silhouette, someone in wide-legged pants!

Wide-legged and palazzo pants
These wide-legged pants are so light and flowing – perfect for summer!

Whether they are culottes or palazzo pants, seeing wide-legged pants brings me back – albeit vicariously – to that experience of symbolically moving forward, of wearing something different from everything around me.

Wide-legged culottes
A lovely silhouette is composed by pairing wide-legged culottes with a fitted top.

Fashion forecasters have predicted over the past couple of years that these babies will soon force skinny-legged pants into the background, and Gucci featured wide-legged crop pants at Milan’s Fashion Week for this season. I’m not sure why they haven’t seemed to catch on in New York, at least to my eyes. No matter. I still rejoice in seeing someone in wide-legged pants breaking with the norm

Wide-legged pants
Cross-pollination of women’s and men’s style? Love it!

And this time around, not only celebrities and Pinterest celebrate the “new trend.” They are in stores!

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