#OOTD – My Angel (vs. Devil) Look

17th June

Liliya's angel look, 1

Once upon a time (any given day, pretty much) I would start my morning off by opening my 3 closets of “nothing to wear” and agonizing over the same question, “What will I put on today?”

Today was an exception, and I was especially inspired. I immediately selected a two-sided sweater (in front, a silk print and in back and for the sleeves, fine cotton) which I bought last week – on sale! – at Bloomingdales along with a matching bag.

Matching Ted Baker blouse and bag

Ted Baker Hanging Gardens sweater and matching handbag

After quickly finding a pair of pants to go with the set, I had just one problem: choosing the right heels…

I considered wearing Tory Burch heels in aqua blue – the very same shade you see on the back and sleeves of the sweater. But then I thought it would be too boring if I stuck with this same dominant color.

Liliya's angel look, 6

And so I decided instead to look for shoes the would match the colorful silk print. I had three options: purple, yellow and pink. Naturally, I voted for pink and pulled on these Christian Dior heels, which I adore!

Liliya's Dior high heels

As I was looking through my wardrobe, I happened to make a series of discoveries which led me to some conclusions about myself. The first is that I am particular. My closets do not feature a wide range of brands; I clearly have favorites, and of each, I own several pieces. I also noticed that I am consistent. If I like a piece, I tend to buy the same garment in many different colors and shapes.

My third discovery is the focus of my post today. While going through the closets I noticed that there are no shades of grey. Let me explain what I mean. First of all, my wardrobe is very colorful. But aside from that, if you look at my most popular looks, they look either super-girly and angelic or sort of rock-and-roll, smoky-eyed devilish (so-to-speak).

Liliya's angel look, 8

Even my manicure choices support these choices. I usually have either a French manicure or have my nails painted black – sometimes dark red.

I also find it interesting that I own quite a bit of clothing by what I consider to be antagonistic fashion brands. My Ted Baker collection, for example, is very dressy, pastel, naïve, elegant and calm – I call it princess style…

Liliya's angel look, 4

while my All Saints pieces are usually all black, edgy, metal, cold, and sometimes provocative. And I love them both!

And so, that is why I say that in my wardrobe there are no shades of gray; it’s either black or white, angel or devil without much “in between.”

Liliya's angel look, 2

This look is definitely one of my girly looks. The blouse and bag are by Ted Baker, while the white jeans are by Abercrombie & Fitch; they are old, but I haven’t found the same model recently. Christian Dior heels nail the angel look.

Do I have a split fashion personality? Maybe 🙂 Shall I show you my devil-fashionista side next week?

Liliya's angel look, 7love, liliya



6 responses to “#OOTD – My Angel (vs. Devil) Look”

  1. I like your wardrobe observations! I have several mainstay brands in mine, too. Rebecca Taylor is a brand that is repeated many times over in my wardrobe… that’s my princess (girly) fashionista side!

    • Liliya says:

      Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment! I have a couple of dresses by Rebecca Taylor too 🙂 but with Ted Baker, I have a long love story and also very warm memories. I discovered that brand for the first time when I was in London, and since then, I’m a big fan!

  2. Daisi Ari says:

    I love how you styled this look. The matching bag was a nice touch! 🙂

    Daisi Ari | http://www.onthecolorfulside.com

  3. David says:

    A Russian girl with backlighting is something to marvel at. Very nice outfit.


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