Sockless in New York City (in mid-30 temps!)

3rd April
Bundling up in NYC

Bundling up in NYC

New York City weather was frigid last week. It ranged from rainy/cool to snowy to windy and c-c-cold. On the most inhospitable days, people bundled up to insulate themselves from the biting chill.

I spotted an amazing number of brazen mavens, however, who on the most gelid days still took a devil-may-care attitude and went bare-legged


Sockless in NYC

Even seeing those who wore sheer stockings or pants sans socks caused me to shiver (sympathetically).  

Sockless in NYC

Sockless in NYC

There were some who wore flats, which would ordinarily lead me to conclude that they value comfort

Sockless in NYC

I suppose it must get tiresome spending months on end in boots, thick wool tights and puffer jackets. And that dress is not exactly the most businesslike for professional women.

Hats off (indoors!) to those stylish ladies who take on the elements with grit and determination. Let us just hope none of them are in bed, blowing their noses and drinking hot tea. 



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