5 Reasons to Get/Have/Love a Camel Coat

1st May

There is something so grown-up about a camel coat. Maybe that’s why I got my first one a couple of weeks ago. I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer. I mean, I didn’t start collecting white button-down blouses until just last year!

Similar to the case of white (as in “white button-downs”), I also figured out long ago that the color beige is not a blonde’s best friend. It usually makes me look washed out and colorless. And for the longest time, I equated beige with boring.

So, why did I suddenly change my tune and buy a camel coat? Here are 5 reasons…

Janea in camel coat

1) A camel coat looks polished, professional, and refined…

…and as I mentioned, grown-up. I started noticing this during my last stay in London, where I saw loads of camel coats. It hit me how distinguished they look. (It makes sense that a recent StyleCaster article included it as as an ingredient to a stylish spring outfit for work,) 
camel coat for spring, #2

2) It instantly lightens up an otherwise dark-colored outfit.

My favorite way of wearing it is with all black – definitely spring-worthy.

camel coat for spring, #5

A shorter camel trench is especially flattering on this petite lovely.

And speaking of color, a little black (or other flattering hue) above the collar or next to the face remedies the issue of beige making a light-skinned lassie look too pale.)

camel coat for spring

3) It is simply timeless and classic.

A camel coat is no less popular among current fashion icons than it was with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Today it’s part of many an off-duty model look.

I love the way the woman below and to the left combines a camel peacoat with matching sweater, brown skirt, and black tights/boots for an ombre effect. Or a little variation on the theme (wider lapels as seen to the right) is also nice.

camel coat for spring, #3

4) A camel coat adds great contrast and sophistication to edgy pieces, like the moto boots below…

camel coat for spring, #4

…or a boho look.

classic camel coat5) Although I have extolled the wonders of a camel coat for spring, it is actually seasonless…

…as long as you are experiencing coat-wearing temperatures. A case in point is the Marie Claire article in February touting the camel coat as perfect for winter. 😉

This is how I style mine for work. Although I adore classic cuts, I fell in love with this unique lovely at a luxury consignment boutique On Que Style near L.A. I especially like the bow in front and its clean lines.

Me in my camel coat

Work ensemble, including a Theory camel coat and very grown-up button-down blouse.

Unless you already have and love a camel coat, I highly recommend that you consider getting one at some point. If it is well-made and you don’t end up wearing it to threads, it is something you’ll enjoy for years to come. What are you waiting for?

XO, Janea


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