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The Wide-legged and Palazzo Few

29th June
When I was 16, Vogue magazine featured cover-to-cover mini-skirts. Mini skirts were back! For a sixteen-year-old, it was a first time, but the excitement was still there.  I had a sudden urge to wear something “new”, playful, and different from everything around me. I soon discovered, however, that stores were oblivious to my newfound “trend.” There was not a single mini for sale! What to […]

Rocking a Graphic Tee – in a Nutshell

16th June
Graphic tees are everywhere, and not just for kids or dudes. I was recently disappointed by one of my favorite retailers; one of their stores featured a table covered in cool graphic tees for men, but when I asked about the same for women, I received a vague response as to departments I might search (with no luck, thank […]

Classic Casual: Denim and Chambray

26th May
Is there any cooler way to go casual than with denim and chambray? My friends Donilee and Liliya definitely rock it. During the morning of the selfie below, Donilee mentioned her search for just the right denim jacket: long enough (for her model’s height) and with minimal embellishments. Century 21 in New York was the place she found this lovely prize. Liliya […]

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