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From Studs to Spikes in NYC

2nd April
Just as each of us has a unique style, I find that as a community we tend to reflect the style of the place in which we reside. While walking around Manhattan last week, I noticed that New Yorkers are big on studs. Studs find their way to handbags… backpacks… boots… and shoes. Some of them grow into spikes, for those […]

Fur-lined Hoods in NYC

1st April
As soon as I arrived in Manhattan at the launch of Spring, I could not help but notice what I believe is now the single most popular item of dress: the fur-lined hooded coat.  The coats and hoods are varied. Hoods are most commonly found on puffer coats, but they also appear atop water-resistant windbreaker type jackets. The hoods […]

No Break Pants: High Waters or High Style?

30th March
Wearing pants with no break, or as it is sometimes called a short or quarter break, might be considered a daring move. Until the somewhat recent past, it has been linked to dweebdom or elderly gentlemen with waistbands reaching their rib cages. I have to say that when I see pants with no break, I […]

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