Men’s Cazh a la Seattle, San Francisco and New York

14th May
As a man, how do you do cazh? Like a Seattelite, San Franciscan or New Yorker? While comparing men’s cazh looks for Spring in my new hometown of Seattle, Washington, former stomping grounds of San Francisco, and favorite getaway of New York City, I have noticed quite a bit of variation. I thought it would be interesting to […]

Brown Shoes with Black Pants. Really?

21st April
Brown shoes with black pants – for heaven’s sake, WHY? I know some of you will be saying to yourselves, “Why not?” After all, a lot more flies in fashion than ever before. It’s now okay to wear black with brown, combine neutrals, wear white after Labor Day, and for women, let the world see your bra straps. […]

No Break Pants: High Waters or High Style?

30th March
Wearing pants with no break, or as it is sometimes called a short or quarter break, might be considered a daring move. Until the somewhat recent past, it has been linked to dweebdom or elderly gentlemen with waistbands reaching their rib cages. I have to say that when I see pants with no break, I […]

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