Glimpses are an acknowledgment, through photography, that style goes beyond attire and shoes.

A Stylish Way to Slow Down Aging

3rd August
Vogue magazine has recently joined in the buzz around maintaining a beautiful neckline in an article about “the new wrinkle you haven’t seen yet,” mentioning a needle procedure along with serums and other treatments. The last time I wandered around New York, I noticed an a much easier (preventative!) method on the streets this summer: the scarf. Now I’m not actually sure that […]

Magic on Bill Cunningham Corner

27th July
On my last day spent in New York, I met up with Liliya for brunch – remember her awesome No Dinos! Moschino dress? – and walked around Union Square with her while snapping street style photos. Afterward I decided to hit Century 21 near Lincoln Center – an amazing store of discounted designer goodies where Liliya scored her Moschino dress. Things didn’t turn out as […]

East vs. West Coast Style

25th July
It’s always fun to contrast styles of dress from different regions, and at theSTYLetti, we have plenty of opportunities to observe style differences on the east coast of the U.S. versus the west. Liliya and I live on different sides of the country and frequently travel to each other’s. (Of course, Liliya gets around even more, recently sharing a “southern belle” […]

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