Cinderella Problems (Finding Shoes for Tiny Feet)

15th July

How to find shoes for small feetHas this ever happened to you: you fall in love with some shoes, but the shop doesn’t have them in your size?

Well, it happens to me 9 times out of 10. Imagine this. You spot the perfect shoes. You want to try them on to feel and see how they fit, see yourself in the mirror wearing them and then buy them. Of course, you’ll wear them immediately because you can’t wait. You know the feeling, right?

So, you walk up to the shop assistant and…”I am sorry, we don’t have a size 4 (European size 34), but you can try a 5 (EU 35).” You agree, hoping they’ll fit (deep down knowing they won’t). And as you put them on, you confirm that they’re too big! Not wanting another pair, you go back home desperate and sad.

Finding shoes for small feet is a challenge. Shops rarely sell really small sizes, and even when they do, the pair you want is usually picked over. For Cinderellas like me, I want to share my tips and experiences.

The easiest footwear to shop for are high boots, ankle boots, Uggs, and sneakers

– simply because they won’t fall off your feet. You can insert an insole to prevent slipping (a fur insole in winter) and voila! A size 6 (EU 36), boots, sneakers, or trainers becomes a 4 (EU 34). 🙂

I absolutely love these Giuseppe Zanotti high boots; I always get compliments on them. The heel is very high, yet so comfortable!

Giuseppe Zanotti high boots
Victor & Rolf ankle boots are very classy, and the size fits me well.

Viktor & Rolf ankle boots

Ballerinas are difficult to fit; I have only two pairs in which I feel comfortable. And I always put gel cushions and heel shields in them. I recommend the Scholl Party Heel collection. You can also find similar products in drugstores and pharmacies.

Classic Louis Vuitton ballerinas. If you buy something from a classic line, you can wear the it for years, and they’ll always be in fashion.

Louis Vuitton ballerina flats

These Dolce & Gabbana ballerinas are less classic, but I love the blue color and gold hearts.

Dolce & Gabbana ballerinas

I don’t think that I could wear these ballerinas without gel heel shields except in hot weather. By the way, if you are searching for summer shoes, try them on when it’s really hot or after lots of walking, because that’s when your feet swell.

Sandals and pumps are among the most difficult to find in a small size. Ankle straps are a great way to prevent slipping – even if the shoes are a little too big. I’ve found that some brands make shoes in a smaller size, but that size isn’t sold in every country. Gucci, for example, sells a size 4 (EU size 34) in Italy but not Russia.

I bought these Gucci pumps years ago. The silver-bronze color goes with everything, just like nude.

Gucci pumps

I could not resist getting these Red Valentino slingback in a cute Barbie-doll style.

Red Valentino sandals

Fabi sandals always attract attention, and their closed shape make them so comfortable.

Fabi sandals

I searched for classic black sandals and was lucky to find these at Aldo.If your sandals have a more substantial back (around the heel), it makes them look smaller on your feet. Aldo sells small sizes of good quality at affordable prices.

Aldo sandals

I am in love with every single detail of these Dolce & Gabbana sandals; they are simply gorgeous, a masterpiece!

D&G sandals D&G sandals

Never underestimate kids’ lines, of course. You won’t find heels, but some of their flip-flops and flats are cute. 

I recently needed beach flip-flops and couldn’t find them anywhere. Desperately, I went to Benetton and found these cute girly-girl flip-flops to match my pink and white bikini.

Benetton flip-flops

Flat sandals are the absolute most difficult to find for women with petite feet. I think I went to all the shops in Milan before finding some that aren’t too big and don’t hurt my feet.

I love these Dolce & Gabbana flat sandals – classic and so colorful that I can coordinate them with much of my wardrobe. They are great for both day and evening wear because of the crystal adornment.

 Dolce & Gabbana flat sandals

If you have continue having problems finding great-fitting shoes in stores, check out websites or brands offering custom-made shoes. If you want to stand out from the crowd, handmade products are ideal.

I am skeptical about ordering shoes online, because you can’t be sure if the sizing is precise, if the shoes will fit, and so on. But custom-made shoes always fit perfectly. I definitely plan to order a pair one day.

Find out what works best for you, and walk happily ever after!

Remember, never look back; if Cinderella had returned to pick up her shoe, she would have never become a princess. Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. 🙂

xx, julia


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  1. Ira says:

    ☝️❤️❤️ very understandable problem with size) Blog is very interesting for reading . Julia -bravo !!!!!

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    love your article, darling!

  3. Great article Julia! My husband is in the shoe biz, can’t wait to have him read this!

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    What an amazing shoe collection!!!You’ve got exquisite taste.Looking forward to more of your articles!Love it!!

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    I like your shoes! Great article and beautiful pictures!!!


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