Commuter Cycling and the Meaning of Style

7th July

commuter cycling style

What is style? I venture to say it isn’t exclusively about clothes and shoes (or even handbags). When I go for a walking break in the morning, I am often passed by Zach on his bike, heading back from court to the office in his suit and helmet. It reminds me of common sightings in Paris of elegantly dressed people cycling past the outdoor cafés where I have perched to people-watch.

While fashion has the potential of converting us into slaves, style is the opposite in many respects. It is liberating to come up with our own manner of dressing, eating, speaking and getting around.

When I read fashion magazines, it is a bit like feasting on a donut. Yes, it is yummy (or entertaining) for the time being. But the pleasure is short-lived and might even convert into a less gratifying experience if I allow myself, for example, to feel I need something pushed by adroit advertisers. On the other hand, when I see people manifesting style, I am encouraged to continue allowing my own to evolve.

So, what is style? On a general level, it is the way we express our uniqueness in the way we dress, in our activities and other choices in life. But then some people go beyond this and possess a style which has… well, style. They evince a certain flair, that je ne sais quoi which breathes life into something which would otherwise be ordinary or mundane. It evokes a feeling of perfection, of balance or of esthetic brilliance.commuter cycling style

We could say that Zach’s pants are very nicely tailored for a neat medium break, he sports a light neutral colored shoe which is great for summer and his shoelaces and tie both add a refreshing pop of color. Those are elements of his dress on this day, but his elan is much more than that. When I see Zach riding his cruiser in a suit, it truly brightens my day.

What are some of your thoughts about style?



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