Creature of Comfort

18th June

Melissa Bolinger

A friend once told me that I was a “creature of habit”. I was shocked and slightly offended. I am a creature of COMFORT!

Melissa Bolinger

Mouth full of food here!

My earliest fashion memory is of the white ruffles on my red Christmas tights. You know the ruffles on the bottoms of babies and toddlers? Those ruffles were made of nylon netting, and they poked me.

A few years later, I was tortured again by a chocolate brown ribbed nylon turtleneck bodysuit. I couldn’t tell you which was the biggest offender: the turtleneck, the bodysuit (with a stiff placket supporting the snaps) or the ribbed nylon. I am having a visceral reaction as I type this.

DSC02398 (1)

At this moment, I happen to be wearing a stylish and fantastically comfortable ensemble, because I visited the dentist this morning. Otherwise, at the triggering of the PTSD I just referred to, I would normally be rushing to get into the softest, loosest, and most breathable clothing I own.

Pajamas, yoga pants, and my husband’s underwear are all fair game in my not-so-secret (now!) world of comfort dressing. As much as I love fashion, I love comfort more.

Version 2

How have your earliest fashion memories formed your sense of style?

Melissa Bolinger

Selfie of me in my husband’s underwear!


Psst! If you want to read more of Melissa’s wonderful musings, check out her new blog, Hey, Girlfriend! (“.net” NOT “.com”!) – XO, Janea


2 responses to “Creature of Comfort”

  1. Mary Higuera says:

    I love this! And how cute are you!?
    My earliest fashion memories were of the handmade dresses, matching chokers, and bathing suits my mom made for me!

    • Mary, You had to be the most stylish kid around. A stand out then and a stand out now! I can picture you with your perfectly balanced features, long legs and that mane of gorgeous red hair, strutting your stuff in the California sunshine.


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