End-Of-Year Sales Haul + 3 Resultant Nuggets of Wisdom

16th January

My end-of-year sales haulLet me guess, your pocketbook’s a little lighter this time of year.¬†Well, how’d that happen?! ūüėČ I know, retailers know exactly how to squeeze out our every last penny during the holidays. But I’m learning (it’s an ongoing process!) that if you play your cards right, you can also make great buys during¬†end-of-year¬†sales. And this year, I did¬†so with minimal damage. Really!

Let me show you my recent¬†spoils and share 3 of my latest revelations about hitting the sales without regret…

Let’s start with the bounty!

When I first saw this onesy, so to speak,¬†at the Aritzia half-yearly sale, I thought it was a midi dress (I’ve wanted¬†one all winter.) And¬†I imagined how flattering¬†the empire waistline would be. It wasn’t until I hit the dressing room¬†that¬†I discovered its¬†jumpsuit¬†nature. An upcoming outfit post will reveal more. But let’s just say that the wide legs give it an¬†exaggerated shape – and I mean that¬†in a good way.

Wilfred Juin jumpsuit

The Aritzia sale also gave me a push to try on a bralette for the first time since junior high. I read somewhere that bralettes are easier and thus cheaper to produce. And let me tell you, I won’t¬†be missing my fancy French underwire bras when I have this on¬†– soooo comfy!

Talula lacy bralette from Aritzia

I am headed to NYFW (New York Fashion Week) in February Рwoohoo! Рand plan to shoot fabulous street style, possibly in the snow, for hours. And so, my wish list recently included decent headwear. This adorable Kate Spade beanie with faux fur pom pom is sure to keep my noggin stylishly warm. And it was 30% off; now sold out.

Kate Spade pom pom beanie

I found this one to wear with¬†my camel coat – or to contrast with my¬†black one – in a¬†Winter Silks catalog. It was on sale for under¬†$20. (They have¬†great silk pj’s, by the way!)

Winter Silks pom pom beanie

Now what were those new discoveries I mentioned?

1) I no longer feel I should buy everything on sale.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Have you ever gotten¬†caught up in how hugely discounted something is instead of asking yourself, “Is this skirt (or top or pair of shoes) really worth $xxx to me?” Guilty! (Raising my hand.)¬†I’ve formerly wasted tons on “great deals” that loose their luster once they hit the closet.

My new strategy is to periodically decide exactly what I¬†need/want. Then I’ll purchase it, often at regular price – gasp! (I know). But in the end, I avoid impulse purchases and¬†get more wear and enjoyment from what I do buy. I expect that to be the case with this sexy¬†leather skirt I picked up at Aritzia.

Faux leather skirt from Aritzia

I’ve wanted a leather skirt for eons, and when I found this one regularly priced at Aritzia – during their half-yearly sale – I snatched it. Okay, it’s vegan¬†leather, but who cares? Pleather/leather. It fits and looks smashing. And if some time in the future I become¬†a conscious objector to leather, I won’t have to toss¬†it!

2) At the same time, when I want to indulge in something super trendy, I might as well go for a less expensive version.

For NYFW,¬†I’ll have¬†to express my style somehow – even while bundled in a coat, hat, scarves, and gloves. That’s how I came to want giant earrings – something that won’t¬†get¬†covered.

Although¬†I coveted an Oscar de la Renta¬†pair at¬†$425, I couldn’t justify spending that on¬†a passing fancy. Then I discovered this¬†lovely¬†Loren Hope set¬†featured in my last outfit post. They’re made of¬†decent materials: crystal and gold-plated stainless steel. They’re perfect! And the price tag: $78.

Loren Hope crystal drop earrings

3) Accessories are my friend Рrequiring minimal investment! Рto spice up a wardrobe.

I was thrilled to find these socks which happen to perfectly match a sweater I picked up in a tiny shop in Venice last year. Oh, the fun to be had!

Sparkly socks to match sparkly sweater

And Hue hosiery – with stripes, flower designs, or polka dots – is always a fun and inexpensive way to make¬†an outfit more interesting. When I’m in Santa Cruz, California, I frequent¬†a boutique called Legs for sold-out styles.

Reasonably priced accessories

Hue hosiery with my new leather skirt and¬†cashmere turtleneck¬†from Neiman Marcus –¬†this one is sold out, but they still have¬†many¬†other styles on sale.

As you can see from this end-of-year sales haul, I didn’t go crazy. (Don’t ask me what I bought before the holidays!) Actually, it’s a good feeling to spend responsibly AND to have some nice additions to the ole wardrobe. What are some of your tricks for shopping wisely?

XO, Janea

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8 responses to “End-Of-Year Sales Haul + 3 Resultant Nuggets of Wisdom”

  1. Sharon Wu says:

    These are such cute items to have especially for this time of year! Loving the beanies xo, sharon


  2. Ashley says:

    Lessons learned! ūüôā I’m the same way- when I want to try a trend, I’ll look for a less expensive version so I can get some use out of it while not spending an arm and a leg!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. You’ve got Style to Love! I love your blog!!!
    Hadasah || http://www.styletolove.com

  4. Aneeta says:

    Hi! What size did you get in the jumpsuit?

    • Janea says:

      Hi there! We are no longer posting on the blog as of a few years ago. But, I wish you the best in your shopping for a jumpsuit. Taking my measurements and then checking sizing charts works the best for me in finding a good fit. ūüôā


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