Free Bananas!

20th January

I’m reminiscing these days about the whacky beach towns near Santa Cruz, California – and times like this lovely day, when some guy randomly came up to the edge of Capitola beach, plopped down bunches of bananas and started shouting, “Free bananas!”

Capitola Beach, California

Capitola beach free bananas

XO, Janea



2 responses to “Free Bananas!”

  1. Janea, Do you remember the guy that always sat on a bench overlooking the water at West Cliff, playing a bongo and whistling one single note over and over again. He would do this all day, every day. I do miss the wacky Santa Cruz characters!

    • Janea says:

      Marcia, sorry to say I don’t remember that guy, but I remember several others, like the Bubble Lady who blew bubbles on the bridge over the San Lorenzo River or the man who walked very slowly down Pacific Avenue in a pink dress, carrying a pink parasol. I miss it too! Hugs! ????


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