Fur in the City

10th April

This Californian recently visited New York City, and I have to say I am in love with the place. If it weren’t for the cold winters (and the fact, of course, that my fiancé lives on the west coast), I would be packing my things this very minute.

Fur in NYC

Dennis Basso window display on Madison Avenue

In my dreams, I visit the art museums once a week, become a regular at ABC Kitchen and get in on sales of Miu Miu and Prada shoes. And I would own at least one fur coat.  

Furs in New York City

Although a vest is nice, my starter coat would be hip to knee length.

Furs in New York City

It would have to be real fur, because I feel that real fur would be the coziest and most luxurious. Hey, Eskimos and the Inuit people wear them! According to scientists, fur scatters radiation. For a California girl, I would definitely need that extra protection from east coast winters.

White fur coats in New York City

The lady pictured on the left accessorizes brilliantly with contrasting black glasses, scarf and gloves, don’t you agree?

Furs in New York CityWhite coats are very nice, but I feel that they are more flattering on women with darker features.

Furs in New York City

A fur hat on top of the coat might be overkill and a coif killer, although the men pictured below look quite comfy in them.

Furs in New York City

On second thought, I might not wear my fur coat with a hat.

Furs in New York City

The fit of the coat would be important to me. I would probably want mine cinched at the waist. Keeping a boxy shaped coat open can work with skinny legged pants, but too much of a contrast between coat and legs can be a little off-putting, in my opinion.

Furs in New York City

At some point, I would make it look as carefree and effortless as the style maven pictured below.

Furs in New York City

Why not? I can dream!



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