Fur-lined Hoods in NYC

1st April
As soon as I arrived in Manhattan at the launch of Spring, I could not help but notice what I believe is now the single most popular item of dress: the fur-lined hooded coat. 

Fur-lined hoods in NYC

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The coats and hoods are varied. Hoods are most commonly found on puffer coats, but they also appear atop water-resistant windbreaker type jackets. The hoods might simply cover the head or extend out a few inches beyond the face.

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According to my fiancé, these hoods which jut out used to be called “snorkel coats” by kids in parts of Connecticut, although I have to argue that “scuba coats” would be a more accurate description (referring to the way the shape of the hood might resemble that of a deep sea diving helmut).

Fur-lined coats in NYC

The man in the green coat to the left is wearing a “snorkel coat”, according to my fiancé’s childhood vocabulary.

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No matter which form the coat or hood takes, they seem to be hugely practical. Last week in Manhattan, the weather went from rainy and cool to snowy to cold and windy. I would have loved wearing a snorkel coat with fur to temper the wind and keep my nose a little warmer.

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These last three muses wear fur collars without hoods. I suppose with beautiful manes such as theirs, one might be less inclined to wear a hood, even in the nastiest of weather.



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