Fashion’s 10 Hottest Colors for Spring/Summer 2017

12th April

Hot color for spring: green

Have you checked out the hottest spring 2017 colors in fashion? According to color authority, PANTONE, Greenery is numero uno. Then there’s Pale Dogwood (who?), Hazelnut (what?), and Primrose Yellow. To give you a sense of what exactly these colors look like, I thought I’d share my latest New York Fashion Week (NYFW) photos in which these hues showed up…

According to Pantone, these colors reflect “…a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors.”


It was obvious during NYFW that pinks and yellow are still going strong since last fall. The dusty shade called Pale Dogwood is certainly a close relative to – if not a dead ringer for – Millenial Pink.

One of the hottest fashion colors, Pale dogwood

And for those whose complexion or personality doesn’t pull off that extra soft shade of pink, there’s a lovely option called Pink Yarrow.

Pantone's pink yarrow of 10 hottest colors for Spring, 2017


I have to say that I’m surprised that there aren’t more shades of yellow, but I suppose that Primrose Yellow is a safe middle-of-the-road variety. Even if like me, the color is challenging with your skin tone, a primrose accessory here or there doesn’t hurt.

Of course, who says we can’t still enjoy the classics, like bight red, ivory, navy, and black?

Fashion color spring 2017: primrose yellow (and classic red)


Speaking of classics, I’m sure that all of us have something in our closets in Hazelnut.

Hazelnut, one of the hottest spring colors for 2017


While calm neutrals are fabulous, sometimes we want something a little more fiery, like Flame. Here are examples from LAYANA AGULAR‘s runway and the street.

Hot spring color, flame


Having seemingly turned to nature for inspiration, our cultural and fashion INFLUENCERS have naturally gravitated toward several shades of blue:

One of 10 hottest colors for Spring, 2017: Island Paradisse

As you can see in the swatch, Island Paradise is a teensy bit greener that this awesome suit.

Pantone's Niagara, Spring 2017

One of 10 hottest colors for Spring, 2017: lapis blueGreens

Lastly but not least we have Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery.

hottest fashion color of the year, greenery

This color reminds me of the light green you see in new shoots of plants in spring.

With respect to Kale Green, I unfortunately missed seeing or noticing it during NYFW. Or, perhaps we’re just not in a kale mood as Pantone might have suspected when they came up with these colors last September.

Pantone's kale

To be honest, I saw a ton more fashionistas dressed in pinks than in kale or greenery. Of course, green is a beautiful color for spring, regardless of whether it is on the official list.

I hope that these examples give you a good idea of the 10 hottest spring colors according to Pantone. Even if your spring weather is still strongly resembling winter, perhaps you’ll be inspired to have fun donning some of these beautiful tones of the season. What do you think of these hues – any favorites?

XO, Janea



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9 responses to “Fashion’s 10 Hottest Colors for Spring/Summer 2017”

  1. Nancy says:

    I think I’ll stick with pink and green!

  2. Ashley says:

    Definitely digging these colors- it’s always so fun to work in hues you haven’t worn much of!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Paola says:

    I love them all!
    Great selection!
    Kisses, Paola.
    My Instagram

  4. Stylease says:

    Really nice to see these colors!
    All look lovely <3 Blue is my fav pick!
    Esha |


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