The Quintessence of My Style

13th June

I absolutely love this post by Liliya. It is a reflection of her most essential style. Yes, she can look glamorous, and yes, she has urban sophisticated looks. But when you get right to it, her quintessential look is something simpler: purely and beautifully Liliya. Enjoy!

Liliya's quintessential style, 1

I have to confess. I write a lot about things I wear- sometimes they are fancy, sometimes sophisticated, bright, and colorful, and sometimes unconventional and edgy. I do love high heels and wear them often, much more often than the average American girl. I guess it’s because of my Russian background; it’s pretty common to see women in Russia walking everywhere in high heels even when they don’t have a special event to attend.

Liliya's quintessential style, 2

Liliya's quintessential style 4

But those who know me in real life know that I also love wearing flats and sneakers, and it’s much more likely that you’d see me in those rather than a mini skirt (which I don’t even own) and high heels.

Liliya's quintessential style, 3

Liliya's quintessential style, 6

I think this particular look is so me. It’s pretty much all me – flowers, pastel colors, a sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and flats. These are the things I love the most. And for such a beautiful day in the city, I would rather go out in all my favorite things rather than put together a unique outfit. This is indeed the quintessential outfit of any given day for me.

Liliya's quintessential style, 5

Jeans – Abercrombie and Fitch / Sweatshirt – Aqua / Flats – Vera Wang


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4 responses to “The Quintessence of My Style”

  1. David says:

    Privet, Lilia!, what region in Russia you are from? Some decades ago, I came from Kaluga.

    • Liliya says:

      Hey, David! Thanks for your comment! I was born in Volgograd (used to be Stalingrad) and I moved to Moscow at the age of 17 to attend university.

  2. Adorable! The most attractive part is that you know who you are and you look so great being you!


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