No Break Pants: High Waters or High Style?

30th March

Wearing pants with no break, or as it is sometimes called a short or quarter break, might be considered a daring move. Until the somewhat recent past, it has been linked to dweebdom or elderly gentlemen with waistbands reaching their rib cages.

I have to say that when I see pants with no break, I think, “Love it!

No break pants in NYC

As I walked around Manhattan last week, I noticed that short breaks are standard fare.

No break pants / high waters

It is a clean look, with no puddling at the shoe. I don’t even mind seeing a bright sock or two peeking out under the hem. Why not add a little fun to an otherwise quite serious ensemble?

No break pants / high waters

The short or quarter break is a must for skinny leg pants, wouldn’t you agree?

No break pants, New York City

While I like the fact that this look reminds me of Darrin Stephens of the 1960’s series Bewitched, perhaps you don’t take a similar fancy to it.

I’m interested in seeing your vote!

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2 responses to “No Break Pants: High Waters or High Style?”

  1. Ben Reilly says:

    It looks really retarded. Why would a man want to wear pants that look like Michael Jackson’s tailor made them.

    • Janea says:

      Haha! To each his own. I have a very fashionable friend in Milan who would agree with you. I do like the cropped look, however. Nice to see a man’s ankles sometimes. 🙂


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