Why I Hate “Who Wore It Better?”

7th May

You know those articles, “Who Wore It Better?” I hate those articles. I find them not only demeaning to the women represented, but they are also an insult to my intelligence and social consciousness. 

In my opinion, comparing a woman in a dress (or skirt or whatever) to another in the same dress (or whatever) is pointless. Of course, Kim Kardashian looks totally different than Gisele Bundchen in the same fitted dress. In fact, the dress itself probably looks like a totally different one on Kim than on Gisele.

Furthermore, do we really need to rate one of them as “better”? Beauty is so subjective and yet, we as women are practically acculturated to compare ourselves to one another.

I also believe clothing is simply an instrument for expressing ourselves. We might dress girly one day, grunge another or maybe retro year-round. Instead of comparing one woman to another, I suggest we simply observe how every individual gives clothing a different spin, depending on his or her body shape, art of combining, accessorizing, or even attitude.

On my last trip to New York City, I spotted a woman wearing opaque stockings, which transitioned from black to white. They were nearly the same legwear I saw just a few weeks earlier on a woman in San Francisco. Although the two women essential wore the same stockings, the look each one achieved could not have been more dissimilar.

Who wore it better? Nobody!

Yes, each one had created a totally unique look. And based on the fact that each appeared to be comfortable with her look, I would venture to say she was expressing her very own, authentic style.

I happened to notice in San Francisco another pair of muses (pictured below) who both looked awesome in stockings with horizontal bands. Although the legwear was not as similar as that of the previous pair, I love how it also demonstrates how women with a similar item of clothing can each express something very different.

Who Wore It Better? Nobody!

Now I admit to not knowing the women personally, but I have a gut feeling that their attire aligned with their personalities/character. Can you imagine the two switching outfits? I would guess that neither would be comfortable masquerading as the other. So, why would we rate one against the other?

I have a suggestion. The next time we see two women wearing the same garment, let’s try to imagine if we might rock something one of them is wearing. We could at the very least identify and appreciate the unique properties each one of us bring to the clothes we wear…and stop judging who wore anything better!


One response to “Why I Hate “Who Wore It Better?””

  1. Heidi says:

    Excellent. I’ve been waiting for someone to call stupid magazines out on these insipid competitions. Well done!


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