Pooch Style

20th March

Do you think a person’s individual style might extend to their (choice of) dogs? 

Here are 7 people/dog combos in support of my theory that some people’s style carries over to their pooches…


Dog walkers

Santa Cruz River Walk

I often find some way in which people’s dogs resemble them, whether it be disposition, personality or look. Neither owners nor pooch pictured above have an ordinary look (note lovely blue braids).


Dog people

Downtown Los Gatos,CA

Sometimes it seems fido’s disposition might also rub off on the homo sapien.



Union Square, San Francisco

Cool dudes.


Dog walkers

Downtown Los Gatos, CA

All I can say is “Awwww!”


Dog walking in the rain

Downtown Seattle, WA

Pardon me for an unrelated comment, but this one begs a caption, “ Hey, at least I don’t have to be the one in stripes.” 


Dog people

Downtown Los Gatos, CA

With the friendly, sociable manners of many dogs, is it any wonder that businesses in small towns like Carmel and Los Gatos, California (from day spas to restaurants) offer bowls of water for their furry visitors?


Dog people

Union Square, San Francisco

And then we there are those dogs which are just plain cuuuuuute!

We express ourselves in myriad ways. Why can’t our pets represent another one of those ways? If you have a dog, do you feel he/she reflects something about you?


Dog craze



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