#OOTN – My Southern Belle Look

12th August

Liliya's southern belle #ootd

I’d guess that Scarlett O’Hara might be the first thing that pops up into your mind when you hear the expression “southern belle.” I loved Gone with the Wind when I read it at age 10 or 11, and I love the movie – always enjoy watching it.

I adore the gowns girls wore back in those days, especially the one Scarlett wore in the beginning of the film: white with green flowers. I don’t think I have much in common with Miss O’Hara, but I guess you could say that we do have a few similarities besides the same taste in gowns.

Liliya's southern belle outfit

One of them is my favorite phrase, “I don’t want to think about it today, I’ll think about it tomorrow; after all, tomorrow is another day or a brand new day.” (I don’t remember the exact quote, but I often say or think it.)

It’s not just about procrastination; in my case, I sometimes tend to react in an overly emotional way and make snap decisions; remembering this phrase helps me to calm down and evaluate a situation later with a cold heart or put more thought into making a judgment.

Liliya's southern belle look

Another commonality is … I call it “going home”. When I encounter a difficult situation or time of uncertainty, I like to go home to sort of recharge my life battery – not unlike Vivian Lee’s character, who felt a connection with the family plantation Tara.

In my case, there is no land or place I call home; it’s usually wherever my family is. I go to visit my mom, sleep, eat, and do shopping therapy. It always helps to go somewhere else, stop thinking about current problems, and feel like a child again.

Liliya's southern belle ensemble

Liliya's cat

My rescue “street” cat Tessa from Russia. I travel too much for Tessa, and so she stays with my mom.

I recently needed to “go home,” and so my friend Yana and I went to my parents’ place in Plano, Texas. We spent almost a week there eating – nonstop! – my mom’s home-cooked food, relaxing at the pool with homemade smoothies, and having a great time with my Texas friends. It felt like a real vacation.

When I dressed up one night to go out to a movie and dinner, this was my outfit. Yana called it my southern belle gown. I guess it was because of this fluffy double-layered Pink Tartan skirt, which I wore with a matching Missoni t-shirt that has a sort of mock turtleneck.

Liliya as a southern belle

Kate Spade heels

Kate Spade ‘Sela’ pumps (sold out – sorry!)

I didn’t bring proper heels, but it’s a good thing that my mom and I wear the same size shoes and she likes cute heels as much as I do. I borrowed these Kate Spade open-toed patent leather heels with a bow from her; they perfectly matched the outfit and made for a great night!

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16 responses to “#OOTN – My Southern Belle Look”

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m loving your skirt; the print is so cheeky and fun! You styled it beautifully. Going home is always the best way to sort things out. Being surrounded by friends and family is always good for the soul.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    xo, Jackie

    • Liliya says:

      Yes, being with friends and family is such a great way of putting things back into perspective and getting refreshed. I hope you have a great week too, Jackie! xo

  2. Rshan Phonsi says:

    Looking gorgeous dear.
    The red brings out your beautiful eyes and blonde hair. I love the color on you.


  3. mallory says:

    Southern belle for sure! And I love it!

    mallory | http://www.the-drifter.com

  4. Tamara says:

    Such a pretty outfit! You look amazing from head to toe!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  5. Cielo says:

    Gorgeous skirt!You look so glam! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  6. Dominique says:

    Looking gorgeous! Obsessed with the skirt! xx



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