Roundup of Fave Street Style in 2016 (So Far)

10th August

theSTYLetti street style roundup, NYC theSTYLetti street style roundup, London theSTYLetti street style roundup, L.A.

Happy middle-of-the-week! You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I put together a collection of favorite outfits in 2016 shared by Liliya, Julia, and yours truly. Since the STYLetti is also about all the stylish people we encounter on the streets – real people, not celebrities! – I thought it would be fun to feature a roundup of those faves too.

Although I haven’t yet made it back to Italy this year – stay tuned for New York Fashion Week street style in September! – it’s been fun sharing with you my street style-watching adventures in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Here’s a special selection!

New York

Springtime always brings out lovely floral prints. When garments are less-than-basic there’s added freshness. (I love this example of being okay with a visible bra strap.)

Floral maxi dress with open back

Speaking of fresh, New Yorkers inspired me again this year with new ways of wearing all-black (well, mostly black)…

all black dressing

not to mention athleisure (or “blingleisure“!)


Trends can be hard to pull off without looking like you’re trying too hard. This New Yorker inspired me with how she owned a hot-off-the-runway choker, making it seem like an integral part of her individual style.

Trendy in New York


While shooting in London, an Isabel Marant Etoile jacket caught my eye, but even more interesting was the original way this woman styled it over a leather bomber!

Eye-catching spring jacket

It’s only rival was: a drum major jacket, which will still be on point in autumn – it reminds me of Givenchy’s newest ad campaigns for fall.

Eye-catching spring jackets

In comparison with what I saw in New York this year, furs in London were more traditional but styled in modern ways. I admired this woman’s tactics, allowing her to wear a springy floral skirt and bare her legs in very cold weather.

fur style in London

I delighted in this and other examples of perfectly un-matching outfits.

European dress - color combos


Obviously cold-weather style was not abundant in this next location, but what better place than L.A. is there for ideas on styling short shorts

Short shorts in L.A.

or a slip dress?

L.A. street style, slip dress

This and other photos taken during the last New York Fashion Week inspired me to compare a more playful, sexy L.A. style with the often edgier, more polished New York style.
L.A. style

And speaking of L.A. style, isn’t this a quintessential example of breezy, uncomplicated, unconventional, and beachy? The picture wasn’t published until now, but I have to say I love it.

L.A. street style

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the street style on the STYLetti so far this year. Do you have any favorites, and is there anything you would like to see more of in the future?

XO, Janea


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6 responses to “Roundup of Fave Street Style in 2016 (So Far)”

  1. Jalisa says:

    I’m loving all this inspiration here! I basically have an obsession with outerwear, I own way too many blazers, jackets, and leather motos than one really needs b/c I think they can create such a powerful look, especially when it’s cooler out and you can’t show off much else! That said, my eye immediately gravitated toward the two Londoners, I LOVE both looks! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • Janea says:

      I’m so glad you liked the street style, Jalisa! I am also getting more and more into outerwear, and I agree that it matters when you can’t see under layers. I’m sure you have some great pieces. 🙂 Hope you are also have a great week so far, beautiful! XO Janea

  2. Holly says:

    I love street style! I always want to ask to take people’s photos when I like their outfits but always feel too nervous to do it! There are some fab looks here x

    • Janea says:

      So glad you enjoyed these looks, Holly! It does take a little courage to photograph strangers at first, but when you’re truly excited about someone’s outfit (and forgetting yourself in the process) people can also get excited about posing. Of course, there are areas like L.A. or New York where people are more open and receptive, but even in more conservative Boston, for example, I’ve gotten great reactions from people when I’ve asked to photography their cool outfit. XO


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