Dressing Like your BFF

28th December

Have you noticed that it has become a lot more commonplace for a couple of girlfriends to go out twinning? I love the fact that what was once considered a social faux pas for adult women is now widely accepted.

It makes sense. I mean, I’m sure you’ve caught yourself using a favorite phrase of a friend or adopting their same tone and inflection to say something. We naturally gravitate toward people who share a lot of our same values and ideals, and we instinctively try to emulate people we admire – hence, the fashion magazines full of celeb photos, exhibiting what they wear at home, in fantasy (glossy spreads), at the airport, or on the street heading to the yoga studio.

Melissa Bolinger & Jaimy McCarthy

It makes even more sense to be sartorially inspired by our friends, who often live in the same climate and who dress for many of the same activities as we do.

Liliya and Yana going aloha

Remember these two from “Going Aloha Style“?

Friends who dress alike

Newbury Street, Boston

I have written a few posts about couples dressing alike. But friends dressing alike is a totally separate phenomenon which I have noticed on the street, and it deserves our attention.

Friends who dress alike

High Line, New York City

I love how fashion has opened up; instead of having to feel mortified when someone dresses like us, we see celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid or Cara Delevigne and Rihanna twinning proudly.

twinning with your friend

Penn Station, New York City

Friends who dress alike

Accademia district, Venice, Italy

It seems that there is even a psychological benefit to imitating each other sartorially. While mirroring our BFF in this way, we also tend to be more supportive and friendly toward each other.

Friends who dress alike

Newbury Street, Boston

Twinning can further be considered as another way of expressing ourselves. Our look deserves to be doubled.

Friends who dress alike

Midtown Manhattan, New York City

My mother used to dress my sister and I in matching outfits. I winced every time someone asked if we were twins (my sister was two years my junior). But I now imagine how fun it would be to hang out with a friend in New York during Fashion Week, wearing matching wildly exaggerated looks.

My inner performer would get out, and stares from strangers would make it totally worth it.

Friends who dress alike

Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Do you dress like your any of your friends? Why or why not?

Friends who dress alike

Midtown, New York City

XO, Janea




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