#OOTD – Ultimate New York

11th November

Liliya's ultimate New York style

All black is so ultimate¬†New York. I was joking with a friend that this outfit has all shades of black. ūüôā That was last Saturday ‚Äď a lovely day: sunny with crisp fall air. It‚Äôs that weekend weather which I love New York for. You just can‚Äôt resist going out somewhere.

I didn’t make any plans ahead of time. And so, after sleeping in, I¬†was a bit too late for a hike or something else that would be appropriate for such a beautiful day. Fortunately, I still found a way to make it wonderful in my neighborhood.

The first place I wanted to go to was the Union Square farmers market.¬†On the way though, I¬†had to stop by a place that’s also ultimate¬†New York: Joe’s pizza.¬†In New York, there are all kinds of places that sell $1 slices of pizza, and the city is known for it. But, for some reason, Joe’s is¬†a legend.

Liliya at the legendary Joe's Pizza

My reason for going to the market was to get watermelon radish. It’s in season now, and I love it. (Not many places in New York carry it Рfarmers markets are the only option.) I ended up getting a lot of fresh local greens and veggies.

Liliya's ultimate New York style, 2

But with all the samples and other goodies, can you believe that I totally forgot about the watermelon radish?!

Liliya's ultimate New York style, 3

The outfit

I love this Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt my mom got me just before our trip to Hawaii. It was perfect for the chilly evenings there this time of year. I wore it with Juicy Couture black and white platforms instead of my All Saints Boots. Come to think of it, I took a lot of black (with white) clothing on my trip.

Liliya in Hawaii

This is the first time I have owned anything¬†by the Karl Lagerfeld label. I can’t help but¬†admire his work for Chanel and how he is responsible for that¬†brand getting more (insanely!) popular every year despite the prices – outstanding!

Liliya at the farmers market

I’d say that all black was the perfect¬†for an all-day outfit in New York.¬†This one carried me from the Farmers Market to dinner and movie night. It was definitely “ultimate New York”!

Liliya's ultimate New York style, 4

Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt / DKNY skirt – similar / All Saints Boots – fun alternative

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6 responses to “#OOTD – Ultimate New York”

  1. Dominique says:

    I adore that sweatshirt!! Love an all black ensemble! Looking gorgeous hun xx


  2. In love with your Karl sweatshirt!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. You look so great in total black dear, it contrasts with your hair so perfectly! Love your makeup too! Hope you are having a wonderful time in NY!

  4. I love this outfit. Simple and classy!


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