Walking Ad

24th February

One time I was sitting alone in an airport in Barcelona, waiting for my return flight to the states. I noticed a group of American tourists standing in a group, talking loudly as is our custom. I hadn’t paid attention to this detail before, but after ten days with only people who speak Catalan, another American custom really caught my attention: the wearing of logos. Every person in that group had a huge, showy brand written out on his or her chest, pants, and/or bag.

Back in the states many years later, I was leaving MoMA’s PS1 museum in Queens when I noticed this woman walking down the sidewalk. She displayed name brands prominently, but there was something much less unsettling about it. The lettering was all similar, all white on a black background, and it actually seemed to work – or was it just my art museum hangover?

Queens, New York

Name brands


XO, Janea




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