New Yorkers Dressing in Shades of Yellow to Gold

31st March

Taxi cabs in NYC

Have you noticed how people often take on the colors of their surroundings? I wrote an earlier post about dressing for fall in the San Francisco Bay Area, which to me means echoing the true autumn colors of that region: blue skies and golden hillsides.

It stands to reason that many New Yorkers would dress in taxi cab yellow.

Yellow to gold clothes NYC PhotoEffectStudioSMSImage-2 Share 100

I get the feeling that plenty of New Yorkers are ready for this long hard winter to give way to Spring. Even when sunshine is nowhere to be seen above the skyscrapers,  it can at least be seen on the streets – via people’s attire. While there last week, I saw shades ranging from yellow to gold.

PhotoEffectStudioSMSImage-4 Dressing in yellow to gold, NYC PhotoEffectStudioSMSImage-3

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Our last muse (below) was at the lead of a tourist group, but I felt I had to get a shot of her all the same. In my mind, she embodies the spirit of Manhattan, full of surprises, glitz and just plain fun.


Do you ever dress to brighten up the day? 



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