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My Hand Care Routine (To Hide Your Real Age!)

24th February
Our hands need just as much attention as our face. As we age, our hands start to look older as skin looses its elasticity. And so, even if we all take great care of our faces, we need a good hand care routine. That is, if we want to hide our real age.

How I Got This Shiny, Healthy-Looking Straight Hair

23rd September
Do you straighten your hair? If you do, you will definitely want to read Liliya’s review of a styling tool that made her hair straight, shiny, and even healthier looking. My hair is not naturally straight, nor is it curly; it has this useless wavy quality that is probably the worst – you either have to […]

Rio Van Zant on Modeling, Beauty, and Taking Great Shots

16th August
At the STYLetti, we love showing the unique styles and beauty of real people, focusing on (mostly) women of varying backgrounds, ages, and shapes. Hence, our tagline “Real People With Real Style.” This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t also get inspired by celebrities and models on occasion. In fact, I believe that those are the people with a duty to let the rest of […]

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