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Trend alert: Fuzzy Furry (Really?)

4th December
There is a trend taking the streets by storm in San Francisco: garments of the fuzzy, furry type. I have to say I am more of an observer than a participant in this movement. It runs counter to my sense of style. I mean, this time of year I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how […]

Trend alert: rolled up jeans.

29th September
Normally, I steer clear of extremely popular or trendy looks. It doesn’t go with my commitment to follow a more European approach to style by purchasing only occasionally an item or two of fine quality and taking care of those I already own. In the long run this saves me tons of time which I can engage in other […]

Is grey and white the new “black and white”?

17th September
I would have to say my favorite color combination for this summer is light grey with white. It’s a softer, more sophisticated variation of the all-white look which has been so popular this summer. Just adding a slightly darker tone – light grey – makes an outfit look airy and light but not glaringly in-your-face. […]

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