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Street Style Highlights From the Jeremy Scott Show, NYFW

14th September
Chiara Ferrigno’s “read my lips” look Street style is always inspiring to me, even – or maybe especially – when it’s completely crazy and off-the-wall. Since personal style is a reflection/extension of our personalities, I have a deep appreciation for a sartorial sense of humor and playfulness. And so, while I’ve been here at New […]

Trending: Minimal to No Jewelry

11th July
Have you noticed lately? Jewelry has become practically optional – and when you do see it on the street, it’s most likely minimalist. I suppose jewelry – like everything else in fashion – has its cycles. I actually find it amusing that while block-heeled shoes in granny styles are now fashionable, big statement jewelry many of our grandmothers […]

Gather Around for a Tiered Trouser Look!

22nd June
One of the things that I think makes the STYLetti special is that show what real people are wearing on the streets – in Milan, London, New York, and L.A. among other places – instead of focusing exclusively on ourselves or on models and celebrities. And as a result, we get to show you great outfits on people of all […]

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