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Eye-Catching Jackets for Spring, London

27th April
This time of year is exciting to me. There is at least the promise of warm weather, and street style generally becomes more bright and cheery. The jackets of these two Londoners are outstanding examples.

One Foot in the 70s: Leopard Print

25th April
I’m not a strict follower of fashion trends. I prefer instead to concentrate on great fit, flattering cuts, and a mostly classic personal style. But how can those of us who love art not be inspired by the creativity and aesthetic concepts of designers? And how can anyone intrigued by human behavior not be fascinated by the interaction between culture, street style, and fashion? […]

Spring Furs in London

28th March
Remember these crazy furs I blogged about this year in New York? It seems that fantasy fur in interesting – and often whacky – patterns and colors are now hotter in New York than the classic “old-Hollywood-style” furs. On a recent trip to London, however, I noticed quite a different trend…

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