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NY Fashion Week Street Style (Photos by Donilee!)

26th February
I have an idol in New York City. Her street photography (not to mention energy, enthusiasm, chutzpah, and writing talent) make me wish I could be her for just one day! I am lucky to be able to say that Donilee is a friend, and although I will probably remain in my own skin for the duration, her fabulousness continually inspires me. During New […]

Model Hecklers

17th February
I have mixed feelings about the modeling industry. On one hand, models don’t look like typical women, and so, they might imprint in our minds how we “should” look and set us up for disappointment. In high school, I religiously read Vogue and dreamed of being a model; for a while, I starved myself (eating one boiled egg a day) to a dangerously […]

Leather leggings and you – a possibility?

1st February
There are garments that are tricky to pull off, and then there are “leather legs.” I’m talking about skinny leather pants, leather leggings, skinny jeans with a shiny coating (to look like leather), and faux leather pants or leggings. Let’s face it. It’s not a look for everybody…or is it? It seems that celebrities and fashion bloggers have been all over […]

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